What is a photon made of?

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I think that’s the best question ever asked here on Quora.But the answer is likely to go down because few people understand what you’re using likes for and how they can help keep the good answers going. And so the best Quora questions and the best answer will simply go down in the crowd. Because it’s not the amount of your followers that matters, it’s about the quality. And the quality of difficult questions, like yours, has even fewer chances. Because the substance of the answer is simply not for cowards, which is confirmed time and again by destructive comments, which I always delete.

So, in connection with the question of the origin of the universe, no one has thought that what constitutes the universe can only be a basic substance and that as a mere medium it simply does not allow differentiation.So it must be something that makes up the difference between being and not being that constitutes differentiation. And that is exactly what the photon comes into play, as the basic substance of all the existing things of this universe. Even time and space are not relevant without the aforementioned difference being justified.

However, it is not really possible for me to provide a complete answer here, that would produce only meter-long text here.

Time is that element that does not allow the photon to stand still, and the space is there for the photon to act by describing a spherical portion of space with its radius of action.So the photon is a small limited area of space, a simple marking of the structure of the room. The structure is the possibility to determine the freedom to position one’s position in space over four dimensions, i.e. its presence in the present. And this marking is a kind of curvature, where one of the four dimensions represents a relationship, a distance, which determines the radius of the photon, thus the 4D sphere from the center to the edge indicates its range of action.

Well, specifically, we didn’t really bend anything with the photon, but only defined how big the photon is or how big the photon is.how far in each possible direction the marked area extends, which then inevitably results in a sphere.

But that wouldn’t even be half the truth, no, because this label has the effect of curvaging the relationship or the relationship.change the distance. From a two-dimensional point of view, a curvature is just a deflection in a different direction, e.g. an X axis is deflected into a Y axis. Consistently performed with the same curvature factor, this ends as a circle, where the radius determines the curvature factor. Thus, an X-Straight will be 2″ shorter, which means that at the X-level a distance will be contracted by the amount by which the Y-plane expands.

Three-dimensionally, this is the typical phenomenon that we know on our 3D plane as a gravitational effect and from the 4D plane as an electromagnetic effect.

You can also see the 4D plane at the magnetic field lines that are in the same place where everything else is, and it seems as if the lines went through the table and walls. This is a simple geometric effect of multiple planes.

For example, just as a point occupies the X/Y axis on a circular surface, so many faces are on the Z axis of a sphere with the same X/Y positions.And with a 4D sphere there are many X/Y/Z positions. This means the things from the 4D layer are in your 3D level without them really being where you don’t think you can see them.

In this way, even the fewest understand what this has to do with the particle/wave dualism.And so few people understand why the photon has both gravitational and electromagnetic effects. And so even the fewest understand why a photon has no mass, because no one understands that only the direction of movement is exactly this mass difference.

Nevertheless, many photons can ultimately represent an electromagnetic field and then appear as a gravitationally topologically deformed landscape.In my blog salon “bonitistic geometry” describes all global contexts, for those who really care and don’t just want to ask stupid questions.

I don’t think anyone is going to immediately grasp how much hangs on this one thing that we call photons.Therefore, there will probably be little interest in what a photon is made of, what a photon is, and that it is the mother of all being who gave birth to countless children and finally someone asked for her.

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