What is a little thing to do that will improve your life immediately?

This is the quickest way to improve your life immediately.

I really want to move more, more sports, but I don’t get there,” one of my coachees sighed.


For me in any case though. And it’s a question that’s not just about sports.It can also sound like “I want to read more books, but I don’t get there.” Or “I really want to clean up that mess room, but I’m still not getting started.

What do you do if you don’t feel like doing your sports or fitness exercises today?I will tell you what has worked for my coaching customer.

She started with the first ten minutes of workout.And when she came to that point, she tried to do at least AN extra minute.

One extra minute.

Of course, that one minute was two minutes, then five, and eventually she came all the way into fitness mode and she worked out a full workout. “It was one of my best workouts ever,” she said, “I’m really glad I was committed to doing that extra minute.”

The answer to many intentions is to do it one minute at a time. If you want to get up early in the morning and your alarm clock is now at 7h00, turn your alarm clock on 6h59 tomorrow.And every day during the next two weeks you set your alarm clock one minute before. So you get used to getting up early. If that’s your goal at least.

One extra minute at a time. Think about the ways in which you can apply this principle in your life, to make it even better.The possibilities are endless.

Spend one minute extra talking to your partner and one minute less reading the newspaper or watching TV.Invest one minute more in helping your child with homework. Or what to start working with in the morning one minute earlier, or make more positive conversations one minute longer and less gossip with colleagues?
Or one extra minute Of concentrated work.Read one minute extra in that book: If you do that this month, you’ll end up reading that stack of books.

Invest one extra minute in action and one minute less in postpone. Every day for the next two weeks or month.And you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life.

Tip: The next time you see yourself confronted with a task that you would postpone otherwise, you force yourself to start with it for at least one minute.

One for me annoying, yet necessary task, like completing the tax return I do that way.I say to myself that I give it one extra minute. And chances are very big that I’ll book so much more progress!

The ability to really improve our lives comes down to how we spend every minute.

Make your life better faster than ever by letting it count every minute, starting from now.

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

Laugh more.Good for yourself and the people around you. Nobody likes to see Grumpy faces.

To say to yourself that you love yourself as you are.

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