What is a less enjoyable fact that you know in your knowledge area?

I have no knowledge area, unfortunately.I look at the world and I try to understand. And more and more it does not really understand, but accept more.

I have tried all my life to change things.This is also the beauty of life: There is always something to do, to learn, to improve.

Well the less pleasant.A city, a country, must be governed. By people. And people are infallible and sensitive to all sorts of beautiful and less beautiful influences. And almost always there is a removal between the drivers and the administrators. Drivers see how complicated everything is. How procedures that need to bring legal certainty on the one hand, on the other hand, also cause slowness and poaching. If you are closest to the fire, the best is warms up. Power corrupts and absolute power tends to be absolutely corrupting.

But finding that and turning away from the democratic process does not work and gives the free hand to those who can play that game.Also, your ears hang out to people claiming that they have fast and inexpensive solutions for complicated and long-term problems, does not work. That teaches history and we can now see that in the United Kingdom.

But in spite of the fact that history never repeats, we are making the same mistakes time and again.We want to believe in those easy solutions, because they don’t ask for sacrifices from us. We do not want to invest, save, to deny ourselves for years, to be able to enjoy it afterwards. We want more, more, more and we want it now. In large, it is called 鈧?虄economic Growth and that is pursued by all governments, banks, advertising makers, producers and sellers of Prullaria, car models, phone calls, tablets, airjes, plastic trays with precut and pre-cooked food, Promoted and promoted.

In this sense, governments and populations keep each other trapped in a short-sighted spiral.If you do not promise all sorts of beauty, then people will not vote for you. So you do, and then of course you can’t realize it. And then the people are disappointed in the drivers they have chosen, precisely because they promised the impossible.

Well, that is unfortunately the reality.You now see it around necessary measures to slow down climate change. No, politicians say that we are not going to do that, that costs the people too much. And they are right, to say that, because otherwise it will cost them to vote, in other words, their job. But they do not put into view what it will cost in the future if we do not do it now. Who then lives, who cares. Yes, this is a less pleasant fact about the functioning of democracy. The nerdy is only that no democracy in the long term works even worse.

People sometimes come to me with the expectation that I can help them solve the problem that 鈧?虄the Other鈩? while it appears that they themselves are the root cause of the problem.In the matter I work with, this is a very shocking situation for these people and I am never looking forward to doing this communication.

That EACH fact has a logical natural reason.

ALSO If you don’t know what that is.If you have no idea. Whatsoever.

It is very logical that many people then refer to the higher hand.Perhaps we mean that with the word God: those things which we do not know exactly the logical succession of causes. We just call it that way. Then I suddenly have a lot less allergy to the word and I just become very curious about it. Without all the answers should be immediate.

That most integers that we can express in a mathematical formula are so large {n > 2 ^ 10 ^ 120} that if you want to figure it out to number a universe full of quantum bits is not enough.

And also that most integers are so large and random scattered, that we can never express them with the resources of our universe, either directly as a number, or in a mathematical formula.The numbers we can see are as islets in a much larger eternal ocean.

The finiteness of our resources is a 鈧?艙less pleasant fact 鈧? but fundamentally, turns out but again.If something grows, numbers or whatever, the limits to that growth are quickly in sight.

If the human population grows steadily by 1% per year, all the matter of the universe would have been transformed into lillend human flesh in 10,000 years.

That you are often limited about what you want to achieve yourself.This can have different causes. Against the effects of family, friends and/or your employer. Economic or social not feasible. And do not forget, your own certainty, and perseverance.

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