What irritates you the most? What is your “pet peeve”?

Do you have any moments?Because once I get going, this could be quite a good list!

  • That people in the city always run super slow while some other people (i.e. i) might not feel so much to choke on a turtle pace through a shopping street
  • People who lie about little thingies when they had not made anything when they had told the truth, while I already know the truth.

(For example, at work: when I ask someone of the evening squad if it is done and I hear ‘ yes ‘: Come on guys, I was here first today at 6 o’clock.Would an army dwarfs have undone your work?!)

  • Small language flaws that are very easy to do well but still happen a lot: I’m better like you (then!) /using is to ‘ agree ‘ to write/ me instead of ‘ my ‘ (I write this of course with the risk that in my answer there is also a mistake or two, but so hypocritical I am)
  • People who live on Facebook all their lives.
  • No, Michellonda (names have changed to protect the innocent), I don’t need to see a picture of your just-too-fat daughter every 30 minutes. And not at all a picture of you in swimsuit if you go for a day trip to and Spa. G.

  • and last but not least, people who all use English words in their speech.
  • If you just forget the Dutch word and use the English language to get out of your words, fine. But of those people who completely unnecessarily a little English words around because it sounds nice or so. Ugh, just useless.





    And yes, I am fully aware of the irony in that last point.The experience shows that sarcasm never completely happens on the internet, so I just put it there bi.

    Pet Peeve-Wikipedia

    Actually my own impatience when I do not succeed but after repeated attempts to explain something to someone and especially my interpretation does not understand.It’s not a matter of being equal or not, but not understanding what I really mean, makes a conversation go further with the wrong arguments. And that annoys me more than I’d like to admit that I can’t.

    Then to a lesser extent: the questions raised here and in general whose answers are a search term and a mouse click away via Google or an alternate browser.

    I hate:


    Stubborn behavior


    Rodging Fishblat/Men



    Dominating people

    People with an unnecessary big jaw


    Environmental pollution

    Unnecessary abortions

    Many political leaders


    Bad music


    Unnecessarily long waiting times

    And the list goes on and on…

    People who speak or write English properly.

    People who call things on the internet in poorly written Dutch or English, without actually knowing what they are talking about…

    Clich茅 quotes; Things that are really too often said.

    “You are perfect as you are”


    “You can do everything, if you believe in it!”


    I’ll stop with this, after two examples I’m already completely nauseous.

    Stop these clich茅 quotes people, stop. Please.

    Pet peeves:

    People who literally and figuratively use wrong.

    Hihi in chats.

    And that voice of the advertising of Kruidvat.

    People in England (where I live) who claim that Brexit is “the will of the people.” For them, the people consist of the 52% who voted in 2016.The 48% who voted against apparently are not English. And there were many people who did not vote because they were satisfied with the EU.

    I don’t know what a pet peeve is.

    But I don’t irritate myself to Gossipping madams who are over your cocks while you are in earshot.

    How brutal and unmannered can you be?

    I hate Administratiev work.

    Especially now, because I am working on a project report.There is almost nothing that I would rather not do.

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