What if the falsification of signatures becomes very easy due to technological advances?

When I was in high school I was given a note for my mother that she had to sign.I always signed it myself and I can still namaken my mother’s signature, though she died years ago.

When making a signature there is a big overall impression, which is easy to imitate, but there are also small details, stories here and there, which you do not make well after.With AI, you can easily disassemble fake and counterfeit signatures. Now, of course, you can use such an AI program, which validates signatures, to teach yourself to make a perfect false signature, but this is quite difficult. So AI makes falsifying signatures more difficult.

The head of the school also used a stamp with his signature.Because these signatures are perfectly identical, it is easy to show that they are false; Stamped and not written. It is not necessary that he put them himself, a trainee can also stamp. Then the signature does not even prove that he has seen something fleeting, or that he knows what is all drawn.

Digital signatures

Many digital signatures also have a legal proof.The weird thing is that they are often based on a secret code. This while a signature is public, a digital signature is secret. This shows how little the Legislature understands. The software behind the code is sometimes so complicated that many people do not know how to use it. They cannot put their own digital signature, but need someone else to put it. I myself have to deal with it, but do not abuse it. A digital signature only proves that he has been put by someone who knows the secret code and there is no way to ascertain whether he is ‘ false ‘ or real.

Personal characteristics

A regular signature has been put by a particular person and shows personal traits of that person’s writing.Even if he were to draw with a cross, you could sometimes determine whether the cross is false or real. They also used a fingerprint under a contract. There are all personal qualities that are well-measured. Now you can also use iris Scan, facial recognition and fingerprint to recognize a person. Also by the way you tap on a word processor you are well recognizable. For example, you could imagine that Google’s programmers will go to work in the future without logging in, because their own identities are 100% clear to the way they tap the keys or screen.


A signature does apply as proof, but it is also forbidden to make a signature, just as it is forbidden to sneak into a house, or to steal a bike, even if it is not locked.

I think that the judge lays the burden of proof that a signature is false to the other, because he is allowed to assume that he is not false. In really important matters, there are also independent witnesses who measure, such as a notary.

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