What have you never really wanted, but do you?

The idea alone gave me nightmares as a teenager:

A 9 to 5 job,

Little House Tree,

A conformist civil existence, say.

I always found myself blessed with an exceptionally creative ability,

And inspired by the works of numerous self-destructive writers,

I almost certainly knew that my life would get an equally creative disastrous course.

This did not happen.

With a healthy relationship,

Restacking Financial liabilities,

and children…

Suddenly came across the structure I never imagined possible.

Sometimes it tickles,

But I feel quite happy with this.

Probably because I secretly wanted to do this as a teenager.

Leave Amsterdam.Because of circumstances I had to get out of my house and found something relatively fast in amstelveen.

Still living around the corner and should not complain.Residential-working distance of three quarters is also within Amsterdam itself very normal. I am absolutely aware that I live in a very good neighbourhood and I do not see my child growing up in forest and Lommer or Geuzen field.

But I am talking about the idea.Maybe I secretly have a weakness for the capital like many other Russians. Everyone wants to live in Moscow unless you come from St. Petersburg. Then you look down on Moscow and its inhabitants.

Single.I always thought that a life without a partner would be nothing at all for me. After a long relationship that failed and the death of my 2nd partner, I thought again to have found love… So cozy and the feeling that someone ‘ really ‘ cares about you… This also ran in a nasty way on the cliffs.

‘ No More! ‘ I said to myself.Every time Heartvery pfff… But I do? I asked myself several times…

I now live together with my precious sister and her husband and have never felt so free!I fill my life where I feel good at it, to be fingered on my fingers. Already I take t铆en dogs…

I have the feeling that life is now so, as it is meant for me…

Wonderfully free and happy and very pleasant, without obligations!

An ex-wife

My father’s golden watch.I have it and I wear it because he is dead.

Tax law.A very interesting study afterwards but it was quite by biting, for that general legal propedeuse that I did not like. Then I went to Poitiers for half a year with an Erasmus fair and that experience was an eye-opener: I wanted to go to the international business world. Unfortunately, for tax law the bulk of the market is formed by the smaller non-internationally operating companies, and because my figures were not good it was very difficult to find something international. Yes, there was a vacancy in Rijssen… And in Rijnsmond… And somewhere in Friesland… Goeree-Overflakkee. But I didn’t want to. In retrospect I think I would have chosen something that would make the step abroad easier. Or maybe chemistry, nice and precise and you can get started anywhere.

Studying In Groningen.Don’t misunderstand, it’s a beautiful city and the university has world fame. As an alumnus I am in the good company of, for example, Wubbo Ockels and Frits Zernicke. But it was what my parents recommended and talked to me, not my first choice. Why? Because all of Twente is going to study there. Everywhere were ex-classmates from Almelo who then did each others and let them be told each other so that there was a kind of social control. I really hate that. I would have preferred to have studied in Utrecht or Maastricht, although more difficult to get a room, but at least I could have really started again for myself, without having classmates facing the eyes of the home front. Moreover, Amsterdam is the city with a significant financial international sector, so if you are going to live there and work then you will see that all your Almelose classmates who also went to Groningen, now again to Amsterdam. And social control continues. Luckily I don’t live in the Netherlands anymore, the only way I would go back is under compulsion.

A Mo (DE) Biele phone.I find them horrible and I use it as small as possible. Usually I don’t even have him with me. But for business reasons I do have one.

Toothaches.A Chinese euphemism about death: “No more Toothache”.

Headache, continuous, whole days and nights.

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