What have you experienced in your childhood, which you only understood at a later age that it is far from normal?

That my dominant father (up to his death) had just about everything, and had a huge impact on the family.I have never had a buddy (including my sister and mother) in which I could talk about problems about important or difficult things. He found all that but baloney, and it was always up to me according to him. And the same thought ie about my sister. While he himself had always been the biggest problem in his own family when he was still a child.

He determined everything about the house, our boat, work, horses, pets, our training, sports, partners, expenses etc.

It was a kind of tacit law that you had to do nothing or ask what he didn’t want anyway.Instead of helping, supporting, self-confidence giving IE enjoyed it right when you did something that failed. He always tried to take you down, keep it small. He couldn’t handle it well when my sister and I got older, so from a year or 14 it was getting farther backwards. My mother has also suffered much of course. Eventually, IE is completely slipped, both mentally and physically. And so also died. Very sad. But not quite unexpected.

However, I have always had a very double feeling: what if… but if does not exist.He just sat so together. No excuse but a finding. Also find it difficult whether I should be angry or feel sorry for him tired (s) t. Because IE just had sun incapacity (highly valued autism, but never an official diagnosis was made). His inability to deal well with people (incl. His family) has brought em a lot of problems. But no one could have helped em, no one could have put em on other thoughts. He has also known a reasonably good period (for his notions) when everything went well with his work, old-fashioned environment, when we were also small children. But that has actually been just sun 10 鈧?”15 years. And he himself has always been a problem case, in his own childhood already.

Both my mother and my sister and I are now doing well, we work hard, are successful and can cope well with problems.Yet I still think that it has had a huge impact at the time, and this has long worked, even as adults. We have often been very desperate when he had an aggressive mood, or strange behaviour.

In My youthful years I have experienced how dominant fathers can be.I am talking about the years 60 that I suddenly had to meet all sorts of conditions as a teenage girl, where girlfriends were much easier to get away with. My father also determined with whom I could or did not go and had a hand of getting friendships behind my back to process. A lot later I found out that my father was a hidden narcissist and that in our family life a lot of terrible things went wrong.

Once during a weekend, 2 fellow pupils had sex with each other and then we all had to take part in the costs of an abortion.

Walking away on holiday..

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