What have you ever experienced or seen that most people do not experience?

If you live in the tropics for ten years, you can make it a part.Alas as a child it is certainly interesting, but you get used to the unusual. These are random pictures by the way, not authentic.

Visit to a crocodile farm (for meat and ladies ‘ bags)

My dad visiting a colleague and then I fly along

Swimming in the river.

A Papua child was once put on a metal lattice in an attempt to get the snake poison by electrocution from his body. Yes, a snake I have stumbled upon almost once, a big copy.

It was not like you often see with the Perseids or any other meteors swarm, from those short quick dashes to the sky. No it was really a big sphere with a long tail that lit the whole beach. I still doubt whether it was a comet or just a hefty meteorite. Unfortunately I do not know the date or have the year when I saw it so it can not inquire afterwards if there happened to be a comet od.

I do know that it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I think it is still often back!

Like Cassandra Lesley, I’ve also seen a gigantic meteorite.It was on December 12, 2012. Whether it was 10 for 7 in the morning or 10 over 7 I don’t know anymore. Well a typical date, therefore easy to remember. 12 -12 -12.

I stepped out of my house to go to work.I pull the front door close behind me, and at the moment I turn myself to the right quarter to walk that direction into the street, I see exactly at the end of the street that thing is pulling a streak through the air.

Around that time you also had fimps from Russia where a giant meteorite was recorded via dashboard cameras.It could well be that that was the same.

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