What have you ever done that you thought you were too old to do it?

A few months ago we had a company outing.

We had the choice between ‘ expedition Robinson ‘ and ‘ Paintball ‘.

I’m pretty sporty, extremely competitive and like to shoot at accountants.

In addition, in my teenage years I excelled in shooting games on the computer.

I felt a bit old for paintball now, but according to my wife I’m really too stupid for expedition Robinson.

And it became paintball anyway.

Once there, after having received some explanations about the game, the light went green, I went completely loose.

A day later, the result was:

  • Myalgia
  • Broken trousers
  • Abrasions on my whole body because I tried to jump over a wooden crate, but with my foot it remained hooks
  • And all the colleagues had hated me.

The look in the eyes of my 15-year-old school-leaving colleague, when I received the prize for the most-made victims, therefore spoke volumes:

I had indeed become too old here.

It happened in June when I decided to crash the summer party of my previous employer.It’s a huge tradition in this company, a fantastic celebration. When I realized by watching Instagram stories of my former colleagues that the party was underway, I asked one of them if she would let me in, if I showed up.

She said: Yes!Come out of the back, and I’ll see you at the door there and open to you.

So there I am…. A tad tipsy, dressed with high heels and tight jeans, a white shirt and with a red lipstick on; I walk to the back road.

It sits so, the back road was closed for the night, with a fence.

An iron fence with nails on it.

But it did not stop me, and I climbed up the gate, high heels and so.

And you need to know that I’m not that long.I’m only 1.68.

I climbed the fence, went over it and tried to jump off.Except that the zipper of my jeans got hooked on one of the nails, and there I stood, hanging on the zipper of my pants, too small to reach the ground with my feet and to loosen myself.

My jeans ripped, and I could finally land at the party side.

And there I stood, in the middle of the summer night, in complete darkness, on a back road, drunk and torn with my jeans, thinking: “I am almost 40 years old, and yet I still go strong.Let’s crash this party! “

‘, “I couldn’t choose between the two things.The first because of the reactions of my surroundings and the second because of my own feeling.

  • I obtained my HBO diploma on my 40th.

Not my first Diploma of course but my colleagues and the rest found that a whole feat if you work fulltime and have obligations like child. And you have less energy for it (in short, I am too old and in other stages of my life) I hardly dare to say that I am saving for another study. I still have to work for 44 years or so, I think I have to retrain myself a few more times.

  • Alcohol and cannabis.
  • Also started only last year. Never really done anything about this, and I still secretly think that you will start to hear about it as a young person, but then you’ll find it too good to stop it. I still don’t miss it, but I don’t find it dirty and it belongs to the teambuilding. “,” Cosplay.My partner is a bit younger and a fan of Japanese anime. A few times I have been along to an anime convention dressed up as “the mad Scientist” from Steinsgate. Then I was already a little short in the 50.

    Who came up with that question: you are only as old as you feel, I am 75years, and have never done anything that I might think I was too old for.

    And I still do things: at home in France I repair and maintain my oldtimers, and I England have a beautiful old, wooden sailing yacht that I am restoring. And I want to sail with it, I have sailed, I have had ships. Only thing I sometimes miss is some help for certain things, but that I solve with tricks, but it takes longer;

    Did not expect:

    • Continue to be so active and effective and to actually be in my work, which I am happy to do.
    • Three times a week almost 1.5 km swimming, the first 1km of them within 20 鈧?”25 minutes
    • Still so much news to learn.
    • Still so many new and good contacts with people to create and maintain
    • Become sharper in understanding and understanding.
    • So much to write
    • Still so much personal development to make.
    • Still to experience so much interest and attention from other people.
    • So easy to get around financially.
    • So much more effective in dealing with it.
    • So much more of small things to be able to enjoy
    • So many illusions to see and yet not suffer
    • Get so much more insight into life and that to employ better relationships and support and encourage others.

    AM all very thankful for that.

    Going to a teenage movie… when I was 14.

    Having sex with a 16 year old girl…… While I myself just 17 was 鈧?娄

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