What have you eaten so much that you were disgusted and said that you would never eat it again?

Kale and herring.Very fat ready made Farmer’s stew I ate once when I was very tired and I could not handle it anymore. I walked into the park, it was night, and looned it somewhere behind a few bushes.

Herring: It was a hot morning, end of the market at 12 am, the sun was baking at the herring stall.I was just selling the lute herring that lay there and I was so silly to accept him and eat. You do not taste it directly if a herring is no longer good. I didn’t know because I had never eaten a rotten herring before. The consequence lied not to it.

Three days and nights of vomiting and diarrhea, often at the same time.So with a bucket in my arms on the TOILET.

I now eat farmer’s stew and herring again.After years…

Trekking meals.Dried meals where you then pour boiling water.

I have eaten this kind of meal at certain times so long after each other -during long hikes -that I actually have enough of it.

It still happens occasionally, but I can hardly hide my dislike.


My mother shows her love by stenting you with food.

She does it now and she did it earlier. One of the way was that she once gave me a thick slice of cake to school every day. Because it was so sin to throw the chicken eggs away so she baked weekly some big cakes. And it was in my mind that you could never throw away food. My mother has known great poverty as a child and this is probably the result.

Anyway, I got a thick slice of cake with it every day.In elementary school I didn’t dare to throw him away, because that was a sin. So I ate reluctantly every day that dirty thick slice of cake back on. In high school I got lucky in puberty and just threw the cake in the trash every day. I never dare tell my mother, she still doesn’t know.

I still have repulsion against cake now.I would like to take a slice of politeness, but I am never going to find it nice.

When I was a year or 5, my parents took me to a nice restaurant with a buffet.I really loved shrimp and ate a full plate.
Erna smoke everything I ate to shrimp, inclusive the chocolate mousse and since that day it took several decades before I found shrimp tasty again.

Have you ever done a full pack of margarine on a stick sandwich for a bet of about as long as the packet of margarine.

Have eaten it though but have certainly felt 2 years of nausea when smelling margarine or butter.

I have eaten quite a lot of mango for a while.

Now I don’t have to.

I sometimes get a look at things, but after a while it will come back again.

Of that Albert Heijn house brand Lasagna, the side RN ready form.

I’ve had that a summer for a week almost every day and when I think back it was really disgusting

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