What have cats ever done for people that we have felt the need to domesticate them?

Eat rodents.Very useful for farmers.

Every cat lover knows that man has not domesticated the cat, but that the cat has domesticated humans.The meaning of human existence consists of creating a habitat for the domestic cat. Not for nothing it is said that a dog has a boss, but that a cat has staff.

As a servant of an aristo-anarchist sofa lion and neurotic cuddle panther, I see numerous reasons: Cats kept the pests away from the precious granaries… They were therefore treated as gods by the Egyptians for nothing.Then they kept our cities and ships free, or almost, from rats and their consequences as much as possible.

In addition, it is undeniable that every cat has a soul.Anyone who has lived together with a Highness will be able to confirm this. Every cat may not be so special physical, but they all have a distinct personality. They are ideal for hermits who do not like crowds and people. And they are so sweet.
But that brings us to the usefulness of our females?I think that they just left us from the beginning of humanity that had the damn cups, poetry, and they disarmed us with their erotsiche charm. They just seduced us, the Cunn.
Catwoman is not a coincidence, nor is the rather feline denomination of the favourite point of engagement of some Amerbian presidents-

And that is the usefulness of contemporary house cats: are the epitome of nihilistic zjemenfoetism, lethargic avant-garde and post-modernist autocration.But we love’em.

Lord Barney and Lady Cassandra are here to greet you.

Great misconception.If you look at how cats deal with people, then one thing is clear: we have not domesticated the cats, but the cats us. And this is also evident, just look:

Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows

Capture mice.That was very important for the very first farmers. Those mice sat behind their stored corn. Cats are very effective mice catchers and they are harmless to humans.

I myself have four cats and I am very fond of them…

But in my opinion, they also, like dogs, benefit a community of people.

They catch mice, rats and other pests.

My cats regularly have a butterfly, a moth, flies, mice, even once had a bat to tackle.

In ancient centuries, cats were often seen as a companion of witches and wizards, an instrument of the devil.As a result, many cats were burned at the stake. Then often broke a period in which diseases, such as the plague, were outbreaks. This probably came because by lack of cats, pests could reproduce themselves. As a result, pathogens, such as the rat, remained alive and parasites could make people sick on and in these rats.

The same as foxes in the past.The prehistoric man, in addition to domesticated dogs, often also had domesticated foxes within their tribes to be able to fight pests. However, dogs and foxes go as well together as dogs and cats and cats can better defend themselves and because of their climbing ability, cats can also flee better. As a result, the cat also has better chances of survival as a fox.

Dogs have always been a blessing and a curse for people in this respect.Nowadays it still happens that stray dogs cause slaughter under sheep. Among larger cattle which is less but especially small cattle suffers from stray dogs. This is why in the countryside the dog often lay on the chain.

But especially in the time of the ancient Egyptians, cats were immensely valuable within the granaries as they captured the rats that came off the grain.More grain means more mouths that can be fed and that made cats immensely valuable.

And although dogs can also fight pests, they are often much worse. I noticed it to my own dogs when there was a rat in my house.They went back there but neither went to bite the rat. That’s why I had to catch and turn off the rat myself, otherwise my dogs would get used to it when he returned from their chunks… Cats are very fanatical hunters and hunt too if they are not hungry at all.

Cats are domesticated because, from their own accord, they have looked for people more and more -they soon knew that they would work in their favor.

At first it was a symbiotic relationship -the cat caught pests that it was on human food supplies, and man granted the cat shelter.

Along the road, the cat has taken us for himself, so that we also went to attach ourselves to it.

An eternity ago changed the behavior of humans.They began to concentrate on agriculture, and with it a huge amount of food was available for rodents.
Wild cats found this amazing, a large amount of food so for grabs.And people also found those cats wonderful, they eat the mice and rats, but not the grain.
However, where dogs have been very clearly bred on their desired properties, and this has happened for millennia, this has only started much later in cats.Because of this, there are few behavioral characteristics that (compared to dogs) are attractive to keep a cat as a pet.
Yet, for millennia, cats have their characteristic hate-love relationship with people, which among other things is evident from the many mummies of cats in ancient Egypt.
And as the Cats befits: they are the boss, not man.

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