What has helped you quit smoking?

I have smoked for about 30 years.Few x made an effort of which the longest is almost a year. 4 years ago I figured out that when I still want a bit of quality of life in old age, it is slowly getting time to really stop how nice I found smoking too. For 2 years with that thought walked around and shag packets up to the last crumbs smoked and then buy some again because tonight’s party or such faint smothered. Was ready with it, and patches bought for some help. Yes now go to paste, smoking is now end story, how unfortunate I also found it because it was really mn buddy. And the strong thought for later had become a rock in the surf for me in the then 2 year-long phase. Upcoming September 2019 2 years free of tobacco. Can still desire as a reward for something you have done but now find it really nasty and terribly stink but do not condemn people who do smoke. May well imagine they are smoking but better of not. AM now 57 and hopefully it will be good soon, say. I have done something for it.

With me it was really a matter of by smoking or paying the rent, so I had no choice, but I don’t think that’s the kind of answer is what you’re looking for.

I read a booklet that made me aware of something.It feels as if a cigarette is always a kind of resting point that you are rewarded with. It’s something you’re going to live around with: just wash it off, just smoke. Take a shower, relax again with a cigarette, etc.

Because of this book you realise something very important: it is becoming more and more like a smoke moment and the increasing effort that it takes to find a place where it can and may, horribly poses a lot of stress and not at all the relaxation you hold yourself .I sat at some point in the cinema and was only working on my next cigarette and how to get back into the building after the break. The continuous working with your next smoke moment and the surrounding life, also just at home, thus ultimately only yields tension. The 1st time I stopped, I hadn’t quite passed that yet and I started after 2 years again. Now I’m really so happy that I don’t have to deal with it anymore, because it takes your life quite a while. I sit here now in bed quietly typing and when I smoked, I had long and wide in the garden my first cigarette stand smoking. That didn’t have anything to do with pleasure or relaxation afterwards.

Incidentally, it helps witness the agony of older family members too, if you realize that there probably hadn’t been without decades of stoked smoking.

I am someone for whom stopping something like this is very difficult. So I really think: if I can, you can do it too.

Ok 鈧?娄 here my experience with smoking.
\Xa0i was 11 when my boyfriend came up with a pack of shag, because his dad smoked shag and bought them also in packs of 10.
\Xa0that was my first smoking experience.I am now 60 and still smoke, maaaaaar with breaks. In 1990 I quit smoking until 2005 and then started again. I believe there may be some reasons to quit smoking. 1) You just have enough of it and REALLY want to quit, then quit for sure. But someone should REALLY WANT it. No one can stop us from smoking, only we ourselves.
\XA02) If there is a reason to stop.I wanted to participate in an international badminton tournament and had to do the Cooper test so I have to run something of 2.5 km within 11 min or so… well the first time I thought I was going to play… MAAAAAR I wanted to go to Mexico… dussssss 鈧?娄 Direct (on a Saturday noon) stopped. That was in ‘ 90.
\Xa0how do you come from smoking… look I think smoking is an impulse… your brains says to your body, “Hey, just a cigarette sticking” a kind of incentive.
\Xa0it happens sometimes that we have JUST made one out and that stimulus 1 minute after that again… and again we grab a new cigarette and at the moment you Kindle it think je 鈧?娄 oops, I just made one out.
\Xa0what If we can shift that stimulus???What if we can say to 鈧?艙the self 鈧? (when we get that stimulus) No… I just made one out, so I wait a moment.
\Xa0even If this is not true.You have to deceiving yourself…! What happens then, and believe me, it takes a little longer every time before that stimulus comes back.
\Xa0every Day a little further and further until the day comes that you have no smoke incentive anymore and therefore no need to smoke.
\Xa0if we say to ourselves 鈧?艗i’m gonna stop roken 鈧?that instantly gives a negative feeling just like DIET.Diet is negative or gives a negative feeling.
\Xa0so we don’t stop roken 鈧?娄 but we smoke less and less… and fewer.Get your thoughts away from smoking, do something, be busy that also slows that stimulus. There are certain activities where we need to smoke immediately. Eg, in a bar, a pub, are working outside behind the computer with coffee and so.
\Xa0i Thankfully never had side effect (cold turkey) When I wanted to quit.
\Xa0the Most important thing is if YOU WANT TO QUIT, then it will succeed.
\Xa0as long as someone doesn’t really want to quit it will never succeed.
This is my 5 cents and hope it has helped something…

I just did not enjoy it.After a whole pack I stopped.

We have been away from smoking for more than 6 years. Together we were “good” for a pack or five Javanese boys per week.And that for decades!

Thanks to “vapours” We have come off smoking.First started with Greensmoke; Maximum nicotine content.

Then the liquid itself mixed and the nicotine phased out to zero.

After one and a half years really stopped.

I also smoked for years, especially in the eight years in which I worked in the hospitality industry.Everyone smoked, my girlfriend smoked and I could also enjoy it. I did not like it when she smoked in the car, I did not do that again. After years I noticed during exercise that I was suffering from shortness of breath. There I was shocked and on a night with friends, at one of those friends at home I realized that the room was blue from the smoke. I decided, I don’t want this anymore, and I stopped smoking from one day to the other. That is now more than six years ago and I don’t like language anymore, I sometimes find the scent very pleasant, but I’m glad I’m off the addiction.

Nothing.I just stopped…

I have long smoked.Until I (on my 43e) got a cerebral infarction. The only possible cause (except bad luck) was smoking. Then I stopped. In the hospital. Immediately. Without chewing gum, pills, vaper, or other nonsense. The special stop-nurse gave me some booklets and said: 鈧?艗it will not suddenly succeed though, but good that you want it to be proberen 鈧?

I have had a lot of the foldertjes.There stood for the first days from hour to hour what happened. Blood pressure that normalizes, amount of CO2 falling, etc. And that helped, weird enough. I naturally arrived. Brain injury and quit smoking is not so鈩?n good combination.

It was very difficult and actually idiot easy.If I had previously known how easy, then I was stopped years earlier. Biggest profit? The peace and tranquility in my head. No more see if I do have enough cigarettes or do I have to…… Do I have my lighter? Does that lighter the ook 鈧?娄 idiot.

It doesn’t have to be at all, that cigarette.

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