What has caused you to have boycotted a business?

[“Years ago I boycotted Sony because at the time they released Cds with a root kit (which was no mistake) so that when you played them on a CD player nothing was going on. Once you placed the CD in your PC, you immediately had a root kit (malware that is still being started for Windows and is able to be undiscoverable even for Windows because if Windows does a scan, the malware passes all the files on the hard drive to Windows , except his own)

“,” I’m not doing business with any company that sends me unsolicited advertising by e-mail or harassing me by phone.

As a young and foolish Christian I have been boycotted for some time (WE) fashion, it didn’t have much to do in itself because I rarely visited that kind of shops.At that time I was still busy making a pretty brave satire of a he poster with an angel on it and the text “don’t doubt, he’s there.” In hindsight, I then press for Finickery. These kinds of things I find quite easy to relativate nowadays, just that golden bikini commercial in Utrecht.

It is especially religious allergies and nervousness if you really are awake there.As a free-spirited Christian I can even appreciate some productions of Monty Python. That I do not appreciate some things, then has more to do with taste and my sense of humor, than the idea of Blasfemie. Some satire about the Bible and God are just faint and predictable. That my toes are no longer so long does not mean that I find everything amusing.


ChristianUnion against advertisement with Lady in Bikini

The Judas joke below is quite nice, but the subsequent “Jesus, Jesus” repetition a little faint slapstick and some too cheap.

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