What has been a reason for you to make your relationship?

Morbid, obsessive anxiety.Possessiveness, control urge and ego validation. I have been together with my ex for three years and I have lived with him for two years.

I was afraid that he found other women more attractive than me. I was not afraid that he would leave me, I was afraid of his sexual feelings in other women.I had to and would be the object of his sexual desire, his pleasure.I had to and would be the brightest and the most beautiful in his eyes. No other woman could be more beautiful or get more attention than I do, even in his fantasies.

He only had to look at another woman for one second and I turned through.That woman got one second more attention than me. She was the focal point and what did he feel? Did he feel for a second (sexually) attracted to her? That was not allowed! He never looked at women for a long time and I never saw him staring. Still, a second look was already too much.

He was very honest about that he occasionally watched pornography when I wasn’t there (when I asked him if he did).I had so much trouble with it that I had finally broken our relationship. I didn’t even get the idea of masturbation without pornography, because of course there were fantasies. He explained to me time and time again that it did not show anything and that he had forgotten it again, that sex with me was real, that that was much finer. It did not help.

We were both devastated by all the disturbed quarrels that I caused.Not only the quarrels, but also of my control behaviour and the obsessive questions I asked every day, up to the details. As a kind of questioning, about a bit at 10 minutes. ‘ Do you like her better than me? What do you think of her breasts? What exactly do you like about those breasts? What kind of breasts do you fantase? How long? ‘ etc. Etc. Lol.

I remember that I was obsessive about his ex-girlfriend.I still had old pictures of her found between his piles of documents. I knew of her existence and that she always had a lot of men behind him. I burned those pics when. She has been haunched in my head for months, because she was a bit more clever than me and that was a threat. Especially if my ex might have thought of her occasionally… THAT WAS NOT ALLOWED!

As soon as I’m not in a relationship, I’m no longer bothered.My fear also disappeared as soon as it was out. It was a HELL! Now I have to say that he was not easy either, it did not come as well if I had not bothered. He was quite emotionally unreachable and not very good at communicating.

In hindsight I’m quite in a dent when I think about it again, because I don’t know anyone with such an obsessive fear that just goes on sex and beauty.I think it has to do with my narcissism.

Jealousy.Jealous of everything that is loose and stuck: Taxi driver, plumber, my son’s gym teacher, barista at Starbucks, my cousins, Agile coach, male colleagues, Overneighbor. Exhausting, gruesome, simply caneless.

‘, ‘ Years ago, when I was in the middle of the twenties, I ever made a relationship because the lady in question smoked and was not dirty for alcohol.I knew it before I started the relationship, but that it would not take such proportions. Considering I didn’t see it sitting with her on the go, I slept at my home and then set sail to her in the course of the afternoon. One day I had made myself aware that if she were still in her bed at 16:00, I would put a line underneath. At this!

“,” Lying about who he was, and what he felt for me.

Saying that he wanted a traditional relationship, but secretly he went to bed with everyone he could get in bed.And everyone he once proposed to me. Everyone on his part.

Husband and wife.

After the birth of my twins, his mother came to help me.

The help limited itself mainly to comments what I did not do well.

After these first weeks we decided that I stay at home with the children and he takes care of income.

After some years I wanted to work again, found a job.At home nothing changed. Now I was allowed to ride a 32 hour job, also still washing, ironing, cooking, shopping, driving the kids around.

If he then felt that too much was demanded of him, we looked critically at the status of our relationship.

He has spent some months preached to be interested in the children, since about 3 years he has not been reporting anymore.

I usually get tired of the rut the Gezanik I want to have it if it’s hard to get there or I don’t feel like going out.Big Planet sat women nice to make fun.

Because I could not conform to the restrictions of freedom that my ex girlfriend imposed on me.

I only ended 1 time a relationship myself and that was because that guy Nie spurted in his head who called me to the 5 min to see what I was doing and that was to be an expensive too many got there nie lang a relationship with hole at most 4 month

Stench from the mouth.

Smell on the toilet.

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