What has anyone told you about parenting that you would have liked to know before you became a parent?

The most surprising to me, was the impact.I mean that in a positive sense.

My ex-wife and I knew when childbirth would take place.After investigation, we were told that the birth should be done via Caesarean section.

After the operation I got Yentl and waited in a room until one came to get us to take care of it.

In that waiting room I became another person.Suddenly I was alone with my newborn daughter. A blissful moment. I started talking to her and told her that henceforth she will be the most important person in my life.

And that’s it, ten years later, still.

All these things are probably told in advance, but the impact that a birth has on you might be better to just experience.

Conclusion: Becoming a father is the best thing that ever happened to me

As a mother of 2 adult children, I actually look back at a simple education phase.

My kids were never really entertainment types, didn’t come drunk or stoned at home. It was best 鈧?虄saaie children if I compared it with other parents in my area.

Yet nothing could have prepared me for parenting.Good advice that people give you are fun, but often do not apply to you and your child because you choose or for another way of educating or because you are other people with other personalities.

I would have liked to know how I could really keep the intensely and uninhibited of my children.I think I have been a bit too reluctant to be there as a mother. I could have hugging them a lot more, be more physical with them when it was about love show. And I would like someone to have pointed me out during my education.

I myself have not been lovingly educated and the father of my children at all, so we have tackled that somewhat botched.

I can only speak for myself when I say that LS I could do about it I would show my kids much more how much I love them by hugging them and buying less for them.

Another thing I’d like to hear in advance was that not every mother is naturally enjoying a pink cloud after giving birth.I had a very heavy childbirth of my first and postnatal depression and I didn’t understand why all those 鈧?虄parents of Nu stories were so different from my reality. That made me seriously touched in the AR of myself and my role as a mother.

I always think far too much about things but getting children I haven’t thought so consciously.I got them because it was so heard (Bible-belt education) and I never stood still when I wanted to have children.

I think if I did that I would have chosen otherwise.But yeah, then I hadn’t even had so鈩?N great son with whom I now enter the world trip together.

Long story short: I would like to have shown more love, be unsophisticated and looser in that.And I hope that if you have or get children, you do. Hug them, touch them, cherish them, let them FEEL, how it feels to be loved and keep them irresponsible.

I hope my answer helps.It is written out of the heart.

You get older, and you can never imagine how that is.

Everything changes.

You are suddenly responsible for Zo N small fragile life.
Suddenly you can’t sleep,
or 鈧?虄evening quick to eat/go to the movie without careful planning
You learn to do degout ante things, such as Pampers Refresh, kots cleanup,…
You are drilling knowledge and inventiveness that you never suspected you had,

But what I found the biggest change:

You learn to know a new kind of love, bigger, deeper and more thorough than anything for that, of a totally different kind.

Haha Here I can be very short about it, the extremely strange feeling of almost panic of how you now as an adult person takes care of a small life that is still full of development. But man, what wonderful to see your child grow up.

How hard it feels when your child lies crying out of pain (toothache, growth pain) and you can’t do anything. How fast the time goes during the first years of your child and you see the years pass by.The tender and beautiful it is to leave your baby on your chest. How wonous they are and how much they sometimes resemble you. How difficult it is to make them realise at a young age that old granny no longer comes back, never again. The pride you feel. The uncertainty when they are bullied.

How amazing and fantastic fun it all is. No, is not kidding or ironically meant, but really!I was really surprised by that. OK, not every day or every moment, but all together well!

Just think about it: it is sometimes one bite by biting the first 21 years, but then then you too!

Treat your children as you would treat your best friends, even if they are wrong. Think, how would I let my best friend know that they are doing something that I really don’t want, and apply that with your children. They call this respect.

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