What happens to a narcissist when you’re going weird?

That’s what VD narcissist depends on.

The ex of mine is crazy about group sex.

Also with the woman he has as front woman.Like to have a man there, or a group there.

I know because he does that with his ex wife.And has done.

In the beginning he did as if he was jealous of me, but that was very quickly over.I didn’t notice any jealousy anything further in the relationship. When a knowledge of us called me ‘ hi Sexy thing ‘, I noticed that he did nothing at all. And when his friend tried to decorate me, he found that no problem at all.

The only thing he had problems with was when a wealthy man showed interest in me.

I have to say that my ex has been with thousands to bed.Maybe not the average narcissist. But really a very dark narcissist, with overlapping other problems we suspect. And also bi. And probably more gay that hetero. I don’t even know if he can have feelings of infatuation for a woman to think. I am also not behind how that is exactly the same.

I think he or she is totally going crazy to be honest.A direct blow to his or her illusions of grandiosity.

Pretty sure the House will be too small.Who do you think you are betraying him/her? On the other hand, it will be that he/she had already anticipated this to happen, knowing how bad you are as a person. It will come out well to rub you it from now on how unreliable and bad you are. In short, you deserve to be punished and misbelated, as he/she has always rightly done.

So badly worn is reserved to him/her, they are standing above you.So if they do it is just because you have failed him/her to provide for their need.

The Kot would be too small, as they say.That!Would! THOUGH! The! Top! Are! The cheating is waiting for a tsunami to begin.He/she will be well rubbed from the shame and the fact that the narcissist Nhas always known and felt that this was going to happen.If the cheating in the relationship with the narcissist has been fortunate enough to have retained a shred of self-esteem, it will now also be purposefully destroyed and expertly transformed into an almost unbearable guilt. On the other hand, the narcissist may also be very happy, because the chegoer is now of course giving him/her a stick to take into eternity.And it talks of course immediately also all the things that the narcissist possibly would have ever done wrong quite well. After all, he has always felt it, and so he also has to show that marginal behaviour. So if he himself is cheating in the relationship (you can be on it), then the cause lies only with the partner of the narcissist and after the hatching of the cheating this is only and only once confirmed.

Of course I guess this all but, because despite the miseries during my relationship with a narcissist, I would have not yet dare to think of going strange.Finally, I loved him and I thought he loved me. I would have wanted to see the look on my own face when I suddenly realised that he had deceived me several times.

Anyhow, the question was: what happens to the narcissist?Not so much. A narcissist has a rather limited range of experiences. At most, he just sees another weapon to defeat the Dragon (his partner).Another additional manipulation and humiliating technique. Maybe it’s a welcome change from the daily routine. And if he is to be here in the indignant victim role indoors in order to firmly hold the guilt in the partner, he will do that too.

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