The man with the gun fires a shot in the direction of the crying men and Kino takes the opportunity to attack the men. He kills them all. In the end, Kino and Juana return to the village with a dead Coyotito who was shot in the head and throw the pearl back into the sea.

Considering what happened at the end of the book The Pearl?

The pearl is knocked out of his hands, but he manages to stab one of his attackers before he falls unconscious. Juana regains consciousness to find Kino lying unconscious next to her, a dead stranger.

And who killed the baby in the Pearl? Coyotito‘s

Also knowing what happened to Coyotito at the end of the pearl?

All of this is added to the movie and never happened in the novelization. Finally, in the novelization, Coyotito is killed by the Hunter’s gunshot just as Kino attacks the Hunter and pursuers. Kino and Juana, defeated, return to the village with the lifeless body of Coyotito and throw the pearl into the sea.

What happens at the beginning of the pearl?

In the beginning, Kino lives a life of simplicity and happiness, but when he discovers the pearl, he believes that good will come of it. However, a feeling of evil accompanies him. Thereafter, Kino and his family constantly fought evil to preserve the good they previously enjoyed.

What is the name of the doctor in the pearl?

The Doctor – A Petty Colonialist, who dreams of returning to a middle-class European lifestyle. The doctor initially refuses to treat Coyotito, but changes his mind after learning that Kino has found a magnificent pearl. He represents the arrogance, condescension, and greed at the heart of colonial society.

How has cinema changed in The Pearl?

It’s clear that cinema changed a lot over the course of the novella has the introduction of the pearl into his life. His face becomes “smart” when he thinks about what he has to do to sell the pearl. In the next chapter, when Juana tries to dispose of the pearl, he hisses at her “like a snake” with bared fangs and hits her.

Why did the doctor refuse to treat Coyotito in the pearl?

Why did the doctor refuse to treat Coyotito? The doctor refuses to treat Coyotito because Kino and Juana are poor and don’t have enough money to pay him, instead offering him eight pearls. He has no interest in Kino‘s people, just in making money and disregarding human life.

Do you think Kino is responsible for Coyotito’s death?

The townsfolk, Kino and Juana all contributed to the death of Coyotito through their greedy actions and even lack of actions. Buyers had more impact on Kino than they might have realized. In order for Kino to sell the pearl and pay the doctor to treat his son for the scorpion sting, he had to have buyers.

What’s a hanging box in the pearl?

Through the crack in the door of his house, which is made of shrubbery, he sees daybreak, bundles of straw joined together to form walls and a roof. He then looks at a makeshift cradle, a kind of box, hanging from the roof of the hut where his young son Coyotito sleeps.

What does Kino see in the pearl in Chapter 3?

Kino is just thinking about how much better her life will be now that Kino will be rich. He peers into the pearl like a crystal ball and sees a vision of himself and Juana in church, dressed in fancy dresses, finally getting officially married.

What is chapter 4 in the pearl about?

The Pearl Summary and Analysis of Chapter 4. Everyone is worried that the Pearl will destroy Kino and Juana. Before selling the pearl, Juan warns Tomas Kino and Juana to get the best price for the pearl and tells him how their ancestors got an agent to sell their pearls, but this agent ran away with the pearls.

How is Kino like an animal in Chapter 6?

ANIMALS/HORSES: In Chapter VI, as the hunters crawl across the ground like animals, Kino listens, “an animal shines in his Eyes”. Then, as Kino and Juana flee, they “trott” like the horses that follow them. And Kino ran towards the top spot, like almost all animals when they are being tracked.

What happens just when Kino is about to attack the trackers?

Kino fools the trackers by using something creates a false trail up and down the cliff to take refuge in a nearby cave with Juana and Coyotito. Kino hopes the trackers will climb past them, giving them a chance to climb down the hill and out of range.

How did the doctor trick Kino and Juana?

Like the doctor Trick cinema and Juana? The Doctor gave Coyotito poison to make him sick. Then the Doctor returned to “save” Coyotito.

What does the pearl symbolize?

The pearl is a symbol of wealth that is quite ambivalent in its nature throughout the novel . When Kino first finds the pearl, it is a symbol of hope and redemption. But like wealth, the pearl represents all evil in the world. It seems all the greed and evil comes to the surface in the face of wealth.

How does Kino try to outsmart the trackers?

Kino and Juana take a zigzag path to avoid the Foil Tracker and eventually find a small creek and the entrance to a cave. Kino tells Juana to hide in the cave and he fears Coyotito will cry, which alerts the trackers. Kino hides in the cave and finds the trackers by the creek.

How does Juana treat Coyotito’s scorpion sting?

Juana and Kino are too poor to afford a doctor Use a old-fashioned natural remedy to treat Coyotito‘s wound. Juana makes a poultice out of seaweed, which she then applies to her son’s swollen shoulder. The treatment appears to be working and the swelling goes down immediately after Kino discovers the precious pearl.

Why is Kino considering letting the Trackers take him away?

Why is Kino considering to let the trackers take him away? What does Juana say that convinces him not to do it? He thought about it because if they let him live, his life would be better than it is right now. It reminds Kino that he has the pearl.

What does Kino see in the pearl in Chapter 6?

Kino stares at the pearl to read his future. He lies to Juana and tells her that he sees a gun, a wedding in a church, and an education for Coyotito. In truth, Kino sees a bleeding body on the ground, Juana making her way home through the night after being beaten, and Coyotito‘s face is swollen as if he’s nauseous.

Wen has Kino killed in the Pearl?

At that moment, Juana sees two dark figures lying on the street and recognizes one of them as Kino. The next moment Juana realizes that Kino killed the man who slumped down at his side. Juana drags the body into the brush and then helps Kino, who is moaning at the loss of his pearl.

Why is the priest visiting Kino and Juana?

Why is the priest visiting Kino and Juana? He heard about the pearl and reminds Kino that his happiness came from God. He wants to know what cinema plans to do with the money. Little does he know that the priest only came to visit so that he too could get some of the pearl‘s money.