What happens after life? Are we born again?

When I die, my brain dies with me.That brain consists of the brain in which my memories are stored. If my memories are no longer there, I’m no longer there either. The billions of molecules that formed me together go their own way. Most of these molecules will form in different parts new, different, molecules, part of other organisms, bacteria, fungi, worms and insects.

There are people who think that a consciousness is possible, apart from a physical brain.There is no evidence for and with what we now know of how consciousness, senses and brains are linked, that is also highly illogical.

There are no evidences for reincarnation or a heaven or hell.

We do know that our consciousness is a result of complex processes in our brains.And since the processes stop when we die, it is plausible to end our consciousness with it, and with it our “spirit”-the I-understanding.

There are many ancient cultures that have developed deep insights in times when man was allowed to philolify unpunished stupidly for himself.But we now live in a time when we know so much, that we can expect every explanation that there is evidence for it.

If a living individual dies, it has died and thus death.The death “happens” thus after the life. Thats it!

Actually, you have to use a little imagination.Go back in time, go back to the period before your birth. Those billions of years you went for and what you know nothing about. Suddenly you saw the daylight and got your consciousness. Time was given a concrete. And then it’s up! You leave life and “relive” the period of being born before you. The observable time stops!

The world is running and running,
As long after these,
My wealth has been a forgo, my wisdom, highly praised,
We didn’t miss us
After our departure, that will not be otherwise.

That was Omar Khayyam.I myself have no memories of a previous life, and I also do not know others with such memories in my area. What I do know is, that in two operations I have undergone, my brain was temporarily turned off by anaesthetic. A piece of my conscious life was literally cut off (luckily though: I would not have wanted to experience that operation) and I was pleasantly surprised: it was NOTHING. A dreamless sleep. I don’t want to see death, but when my brain is dead, I’m no longer going to have to experience that eternity.

My conclusion: we must realise everything we want to do and want to mean in this life.Maybe something comes after it, but there are no real harsh clues to it. Only speculative stories. I do not believe in being born again, and some will find that (at) faith.

The moment you breathe out your last oxygen on this earth, you breathe in new oxygen on another planet.

Life and Death form an unbreakable and eternal Covenant.’ We will survive beyond the grave/And as we sleep we will be saved ‘ (Barclay James Harvest, Beyond the Grave)

In all times and cultures has an overwhelming majority of people and peoples believed in the soul relocation.The only exception are the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity from Augustine and Islam).

Reincarnatie corresponds to the cycle in nature.I myself have the classic reincarnation belief that I share with the Hindus, the old Celts and the Pythagoreers. This means that often the essence of your personality can continue to survive, although that is not always unconditional.

Later beliefs such as Buddhism and Theosophy have a more materialistic reincarnation concept that I do not share.They consider it to be ruled out that there is more than an immortal, unrecognizable, neutral and unidentifiable Zielevonk left. This is so colorless and abstract that you can just as well go dead at all. Their views are, moreover, strongly contradicted by the many testimonies of encounters with spirits, from reincarnation therapy and from life stories of people who recall ‘ things of the past ‘.

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