C.J. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Beathard says he’s heartbroken after his younger brother’s murder, but says he’s finding “some peace knowing he’s at peace in heaven.” Clayton Beathard, 22, and Paul Trapeni III, 21, were stabbed to death outside a Nashville bar in the early hours of December 21.

Accordingly, CJ Beathard is still with the 49ers?

The 49ers bid farewell this week but were pleased to see one of their teammates return. Quarterback C.J. Beathard is back on the team after spending the last few days with his family following the death of his younger brother Clayton, who was fatally stabbed to death in Nashville on December 21st.

Second, who killed CJ Bethards Brother?

Michael Mosley, the suspect in the fatal stabbing of two men, including the younger brother of 49ers QB C.J. Beathard, arrested outside of Nashville, Mosley, 23, is charged with two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted criminal homicide, police said.

So, who died in the 49ers?

Chris Doleman

Where is CJ Beathard now?

San Francisco 49ers #3 / Quarterback

Is Jimmy Garoppolo married?

The veteran sportscaster is married to former NHL player Jarret Stoll, who has two Stanley Cups with the Los Angeles Kings. The two began dating in 2012 and married in 2017 after a brief engagement. The Garoppolo 49ers join the New England Patriots as the only 8-0 teams left in the league this season.

Is CJ Beathard related to Pete Beathard?

Beathard is the son of country music songwriter Casey Beathard, brother of country singer Tucker Beathard, grandson of former NFL manager Bobby Beathard, who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and great-nephew of former NFL Quarterback Pete Beathard.

What quarterback brother died?

Clayton Beathard, younger brother of C.J. Beathard, backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, died early Saturday morning after being stabbed outside a Nashville bar.

Who is CJ Beathard’s brother? ?

Tucker Beathard

Who is the 49ers QB today?

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB of the San Francisco 49ers on NFL.com.

Who Beathard Clay?

Clay Beathard. Beathard played football at Long Island University and BGA. He was the brother of NFL quarterback C.J. Beathard of the San Francisco 49ers and country musician Tucker Beathard and son of country songwriter Casey Beathard.

Who is CJ Beathard’s father?

Casey Beathard

Who is Chris Doleman?

Chris Doleman. Christopher John Doleman (October 16, 1961 – January 28, 2020) was an American football player who played a defensive end in the National Football League (NFL). He spent most of his career with the Minnesota Vikings and also played for the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers.

Which NFL quarterback was killed?

Steve McNair. Stephen LaTreal McNair (February 14, 1973 – July 4, 2009), nicknamed Air McNair, was an American football quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). He spent most of his career with the Houston Oilers / Tennessee Oilers / Tennessee Titans and also played for the Baltimore Ravens.

Who killed Clayton Beathard?

Michael Mosley, the accused The Dec. 21 double murder of Clayton Beathard and Paul Trapeni III was arrested outside of Nashville, the Metro Nashville Police Department said Wednesday. Clayton, 22, was the younger brother of 49ers quarterback C.J.

Who is the 49ers’ backup quarterback?

Nick Mullens told reporters Monday that he is the quarterback behind Jimmy Garoppolo will be Sunday when the team takes on the Buccaneers to open the regular season. This isn’t much of a surprise considering how well he played in eight starts last year and his slightly better performance last season.

Who is the 49ers’ No. 87?

Dwight Clark

What happened to CJ Beathard and his family?

Nashville police said 22-year-old Clayton Beathard and 21-year-old Paul Trapeni were killed in a fight were stabbed at 2:50 a.m. outside the Dogwood Bar & Grill. The Tennessean reports that quarterback C.J. and the entire Beathard family coping with the unimaginable loss of a loved one,” the team said.

Who does CJ Beathard play for now?

San Francisco 49ers # 3 / Quarterback

Is CJ Beathard injured?

The 49ers Insider Podcast. Beathard sustained a thumb injury On his final pass attempt of the game, he batted with his hand on a helmet.Last season, Mullens capitalized on his opportunity when Beathard was sidelined after five erratic starts.

Who is SF-Backup?QB?

Take a look at the San Francisco 49ers schedule for 2019. Coach Kyle Shanahan has officially picked Nick Mullens as a backup for 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Mullens confirmed Monday.

How?Clay Beathard died ?

Beathard died in a stabbing incident outside a Nashville bar last weekend, investigators say it began when d he suspects in the case of making unwanted advances to a woman who was friends with Beathard and two other men he was dating.