What gives you the feeling of being ‘ at home ‘?

At home is mainly a feeling what I carry with me.Maybe that has to do with the fact that as a child for high school I had already moved 9 times. Nothing was a permanent place, so I had to make a home again every time. At one point that stopped, I don’t know why. I think I had no desire to make the next house again my ‘ home ‘, we would leave again. So what was the usefulness?

The advantage now is that I feel at home very quickly.I am designated on myself, if I am there, it feels good to me. Now I must also admit that this feeling is strengthened when my husband and son are there, no matter where, when we are together, we are at home. In our world.

There are many types of home.If I live in a foreign country or travel, I get the simplest feeling of being at home if after a strenuous day or after severe weather (a rain shower) in my room. That may be the house where I just started living, or the hotel where I sleep that night. That is a personal feeling of home that you naturally have and do not depend on material matters or other people or a history or culture. If you can build this feeling of home very easily then you are a happy person.

The second time home feeling is made by the people you meet.You go out and make a chat with the people you see every day: The Postman, the caretaker, your colleagues, maybe other expats. There is a personal relationship with the environment in which you live that goes beyond your personal i. It takes a while to build these links and create a network of people you know. These people will help you discover the new world you live in.

The third type of home feeling arises from unforcibly incorporating the culture in which you live: the language, the food, the movies, television and nature.By becoming an independent part of your environment and incorporating it into your home, you will feel the feeling of being in the environment where you live and work. Your home feeling will depend on your new home. If you are traveling you will desire somewhere to go back to your new home.

The fourth type of home feeling is romantic, pink.The world in which you live evokes a romantic picture of a culture that is part of yourself, your identity. The land and the people form a mirror that will determine how your identity is or becomes. You identify with the masses. Within a group of likeminds you feel most comfortable.

The fifth type of home feeling is irrational, a sadness and a desire for an ideal image of the culture and country in which you live.In the country, symbols will strengthen your melancholy and remind you of the glory days of the country. There is a pride in the nation as a whole and an endeavor to stamp standards and values of this culture to ideal. Something other than this ideal home is perceived as a worse option.

Home feeling can have many forms of minimally to heavily exaggerated.I may be between three and four.

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