What features should leaders have? What makes a good leader?

Wisdom.Most of them are intelligent but not wise. It’s not going to be nice to be found or to be very clever. What counts is the judgement, the Act and the final result.

Empathy.Unfortunately, often can come so far you have to be brutal. And that clashes with empathic or sufficient empathic ability.

In a first time they must be skilled.They must be inspiring and inspire confidence. Be able to make the difficult decisions. Empathic power is not an absolute requirement, but reflection and understanding of the consequences of their guidelines are useful.

A good leader must protect his staff and help where necessary, he must be a leader, not an authority, and then you will come a great deal in our society.

Be honest to yourself and to others.

You have to be very good at analyzing situations (strategic or short term problems) and can think of which specialists you need to enable.Know that you do not have the best knowledge in all areas (fair to yourself) and give the space to your employees to help and advise you in the areas where they are strong, share as much information as possible and also show clearly who has what Contributed, or even better, emphasize that you can only reach the result as a team (honest to others).

There are countless leadership models, many of which have to prescribe what qualities leaders need to be effective.Recent surveys show that good leaders are often very different. They achieve success in different ways, depending on the unique strengths and qualities they possess and how effectively they use them to achieve results. Effective leadership therefore initially involves personal leadership, it is important that you develop your authentic personal style based on your aspirations, strengths, effective behaviours and values. Good leaders perform an exemplary role, are good at spreading the vision and are able to inspire and stimulate others and thus increase performance and productivity. Employees usually desire a more 鈧?虄mensgerichte leadership style. Research shows that 30% of employees find their managerial directive and no employee is satisfied with this style. 84% of the executives assess his/her leadership style as a human being. Only 56% of employees agree to this. Self-reflection and openness to feedback is also of great importance for good leadership.

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First, a real leader stands up when it is actually needed. Indeed, there are enough 鈧?艙leaders 鈧?who are always present both verbally and non-verbal but if it really arrives they can not cope with this and you will see the real drift frog.

Second: a real leader analyzes his team on what he/she has and can do with it, this is already an art in itself.Most leaders will only acknowledge what they do not have, miss and need, and then still not be able to achieve the desired result.

Thirdly : a real leader roams with the belts he/she has and actually achieves a result that is above expectations.
After that, a real leader will look at small individual improvement spots that can be easily accomplished.

Finally: a real leader is open to everyone his opinion is not afraid of change.Is actively involved in his/her team and his/her appreciation. He/she also shows enthusiasm and promotes a positive working atmosphere and a growth in motivation!

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