What fascinates you most about the German language?

The German language has unique words such as wanderlust or dexterity, but has no distinctions for romantic relationships???

That fascinates me!

I talked to an Argentinian friend about the differences between the German and Spanish languages.

He said:

Do you know. It’s all a bit weird here.

There are thousands of words to describe how someone cleans.

In Spanish we use limpiar for many different things.

But you have thousands of different words for cleaning:

Drain thetable.

Rinse the dishes.

Sweep theyard.

Scrub the floor.

Wash the laundry.

Wash it off.

Polish glasses.

to clean.


to clean.

Get it right.

Bringing to the fore…

The German language has thousands of words to describe such unimportant things as cleaning.

But you don’t have words to describe what romantic relationship you have with a person.

Here you can just find girlfriend/friend.

Not novia/novio – girlfriend/boyfriend.


Just friend!

I never noticed.He told me that in Argentina there are 4 to 5 different words to describe how you relate to each other:

  1. A word describes when you go out for the first time.
  2. Another describes how you’ve gone out several times and it’s starting to get more serious.
  3. A word describes being together.

I find it curious.The German language leaves absolutely no doubt as to how something is being cleaned, but does not even have a word that distinguishes a normal girlfriend/friend from his friend.

  • Language is one of the core components of culture.

The German language with all its vocabulary for cleaning and cleaning confirms a prejudice: the Germans are neat.

I find it remarkable:
The sun is shining and what are many Germans doing?

We mow the lawn.

We clean the car.

Of course, some also grill and drink beers, but often after they have put something in order.

  • German language, heavy language

I am also fascinated by how difficult the German language is.

I am always glad that German is my mother tongue.
So I never had to learn all the complex rules and irregularities.

I speak fluent English and Spanish – both far from perfect.

That is why I find it very remarkable that a non-native speaker is almost perfectly fluent in the German language.That deserves the utmost respect.

  • The unique words of the German language

At the same time, I love the German language, because you can express yourself very well with it.There are many words that perfectly describe a state or feeling and cannot be translated into many other languages.

  • Wanderlust
  • Zeitgeist
  • Wanderlust
  • Longing
  • Schadenfreude
  • Sensitivity
  • Foreign shame
  • Schnapsidee
  • You are life-weary!
  • hypocritical
  • Earwig
  • The inner pig dog
  • Tongue breaker

It is all the more remarkable that we do not have a word like girlfriend/boyfriend.


Can’t you find it?

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