What exactly is the heavenly kingdom?

Well where would that be.We just don’t know. We do not even know if it exists. If it does not exist then it is nowhere, but if it does exist then it may even have been nowhere to have been now.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

(Quote of Jesus Christ).

These keys require you to enter…

Defense Against The Dark Arts

W8woord = Treasury

Where is the Kingdom of heaven, on earth or in heaven?The Lord Jesus promised: “In the House of my father are many dwellings:” In The House My Fathers are many dwellings; Otherwise I would have said it to you; I’m going to prepare you place. And so when I will be gone, and you shall have prepared place, so I come again, and will take thee unto me, that ye may also be beautiful, where I am. “(Johannes. 14:2-3)
We all think that the place that Jesus has prepared for us must be in heaven since he went to heaven after the resurrection.I thought it was so and I longed for the return of the Lord with great Glory to bring us to heaven. But I was surprised after reading many verses about the Lord’s return in secret, what can we do if we cannot welcome his return if he comes as a thief? Will our wishes not fail? I know this later: actually God has told us all the mysteries about going to heaven early. How can we enter heaven if we do not know where it is? I share a film with you so that you can also find the right way to enter heaven from the experience of how this person welcomed the Lord.

Gospel film ‘ longing ‘ How are the promises of the Lord realized?(Dutch subtitles)

Matthew 6:9-13 So pray in this way: “Our Father in Heaven, let your name be sanctified.10 best Value Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done on earth just like in heaven. 11 Give us the bread we need today.12th And forgive us our debts, as we also forgiven others their debts.13th And do not bring us into trial, but save us from the wicked. “

This prayer is sometimes called the father.It was Jesus ‘ answer to the question; Teach us to pray Lord.

It is striking that he starts and goes further in order of importance.The most important thing was, according to him, the sanctification of God’s name. The 2nd point was in order of importance; Let your kingdom Come. If God’s kingdom is something that would live in each of us then it does not have to come, because then it is already there, in you and in me and in everyone.

In Daniel 2:44 We read -in the days of those kings the God of Heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be destroyed.And that kingdom shall never be handed over to any other people. It will shatter all those kingdoms and put an end to it.As the only one it will persist forever.

It is this kingdom where Jesus taught his followers to pray.When we pray for the coming of God’s kingdom, we are in fact asking him to restore things as they were in the beginning with Adam and Eve. That he would like to take the strings back directly into the hands. No more human governments extorting and suppressing their nationals, but a perfect life led by God himself on a cleanzed earth.

That kingdom is also the means by which God will serve himself to purify the libel that was thrown upon his name.It is the only lasting and all-encompassing solution to all the problems humanity is facing today.

Jesus continues his prayer with the words “let your will be done on earth just as in heaven“.Heaven is God’s place of residence and from which he will eventually reign over the Earth and every one who lives on it.

In revelation 12:7-9 We read and war broke out in Heaven: Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon.The Dragon and his Angels fought back, 8 but they were defeated, and there was no place in heaven for them. 9 The Great Dragon was therefore thrown down, the original serpent, the one who is called Devil and Satan, who misleads the whole inhabited Earth. He was thrown down to Earth and his angels were thrown down together with him.

Because Satan and his demons have been denied access to heaven, it can be said that at this moment only people in heaven who do God’s will do.So half of what Jesus taught us to pray is already fulfilled. Now we are only looking forward to the time when the earth will be filled with only people who do God’s want.

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