What exactly happens to your muscles, when you are suffering from muscle aches and how can you treat muscle pain best?

When you sport there are small cracks in your muscles.These heal at night, but do bring a small (natural, non-harmful) damage. Incidentally, I now assume that this is gradual muscle pain, caused by sports. Acute muscle pain often comes through tension, stress or a contraction of the muscle, and in chronic muscle pain or without cause I recommend to visit a doctor.

Afijn, back to the muscle pain.Your body makes physiological processes through this “damage”. Oa high activity of the protein creatine kinase and fluid accumulation cause this muscle pain. I don’t know the rest but that is not very important to VGM;)

How to treat?In advance to take protein shakes and from (not really reliable, factual) sources I hear that a mandarin and an egg in advance food helps. Listen to your body while exercising and don’t overburden you too much. Quiet Building & healthy eating.

There is no sense in or yet muscle pain sustained?

Try the following:

  1. Giving your body some peace of mind to give it time to recover;
  2. A massage at the places where it hurts;
  3. Drink a lot;
  4. The sports supplement of amino acids;
  5. Finally, I have a tool that has personally saved me, but is not scientifically proven, just a little bit to get a bit looser.

This is not proven, and stretching may also seem like a brilliant plan but can only cause more damage to your muscles.

Side Note: Have you waved trapeze and muscle pain in your abdominal muscles (as I had conceived very impulsively)?STAYING IN BED AND DOING NOTHING is the advice.

Good Luck

Muscle pain after a normal workout is as a rule a accumulation of waste in your muscles.You will come there-sounds a bit paradoxical-the quickest thing to do is to make similar movements that you made when you got it, but not with such heavy weights or just as intensively, so that the blood flow in those muscles will rise again and the waste ( Lactic acid).

After training the muscles, if you train hard enough, damage is made to the muscle and after a period of rest the muscle becomes stronger. Treatment is just rest, you become stronger from enough rest, not from a lot of training without enough rest, to build in. 24 to 48 hours after a heavy workout, mind you, the muscle pain should not rise until after the workout, not during training.

What is muscle pain?

Muscle pain, or Delayed Onset muscle Soreness (DOMS) in English, is the pain and stiffness you experience after a workout.That is the result of micro cracks in your muscles. Even though the concentric movement (shortening the muscle) also causes microcracks, the eccentric movement (lengthening the muscle) takes the largest strain on its account and has the most effect on the emergence of Muscle pain (DOMS). [i

The “Delayed Onset” phenomenon, refers to the fact that you usually do not feel the pain immediately after the workout.Normally it will set up about 6-8 hours after your training. Then the intensity increases to 48 hours after the workout, after which the pain decreases. There is no link between the amount of muscle pain and the (positive) effect of your workout.

The pain stimulus comes through the large amount of waste that is released from the micro cracks.They then excite nerve endings after which a pain sensation follows. Usually you only develop muscle pain if you give a new stimulus to the musculature. [II

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