What exactly does Brexit mean and why does England want to leave?

Brexit means that the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland leave the EU.England has indeed voted by a narrow majority to resign, but there too is a very large group of people who would have preferred to stay in the EU. In Northern Ireland and Scotland, the majority voted in favour of remaining in the EU.

Those who voted for resignation believe that the UK is better off without the EU, that they can create their own rules and be able to conclude trade treaties with other countries themselves.Whether these Brexiteers are alike will show the future.I dare to doubt whether they have made a good choice. The British Empire in which London could dictate one-sided to the colonies and smaller countries conditions is finally over.

Brexit is that the UK wants to withdraw from the EU.

They want to withdraw because they are in the interference from Brussels.They have the idea that they are still the great British Empire and hardly have the prosperity that they have now to a large extent precisely built up (or maintained) by that interference.

For example, their financial sector has remained so large in that the City continued to have access thanks to the EU. The fact that this was great in the time of the Empire did not give any guarantees at this time of globalisation.

Now the British were never real Europeans.After the Second World War, they first thought they could have bought it for themselves. That’s why they arrived later. And therefore it was also very reasonable, in their eyes, when Thatcher cried, we want our money back!

There is sat wrong with Europe.In part because it is not as organized as should, for some purposes it has. More as it can, then as it should. Probably she also expanded too early after the fall of the wall -because of politicians who had just those goals in mind and believed that reality would join. Perhaps it would have been better to stay smaller, making it easier for EERSR to build a powerful core that could work more smoothly.

Now it is still too much to manage between what the EU should do jointly, as 1 entity and desire for self-determination of its participants.This also makes cooperation with Eastern Europe so complicated. The have just returned their rights from one block and have difficulty in supplying them to the other.

If the present time proves something, it is that the EU is desperately needed. We live in a time with Putin at the gas crane, growing economic force in China and an America that through any means maintains its power, with first putting its own wealth at the forefront also against allies.And if these geopolitical matters do not play, or the almost unlimited power of large companies, thanks to globalisation, a side effect of the enormous profit that it generates. In such a time, no individual country in Europe can cope with its own male or female.

But, like many married couples, the British prefer not to call the conversation.They choose to walk away with their own happiness only in mind.

The better way was probably to see what they could change to themselves and where the relationship could be completed differently in the mix between own freedom and joint health.

The EU has had children too early…

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