What effect does music have on the human brain?

A strange liedeken of which I did not even understand the text had a strange effect on my brain which I think is human.

It was 1989 and for my newspaper I was in Paris to follow and beat the haute couture shows.For the first time I couldn’t really enjoy my walks through the city and the beautiful creations that were mostly shoed in star hotels.

My mother-in-law was lying to me at home dying of cancer and although I think she was ‘ ugly, poor, stupid and a bad mother ‘, there was a strange kind of sadness in my heart.

Then I heard a little melody that would be a summer hit: Lambada!

It gave me an instant bittersweet euphoria everytime I heard it again.

A few weeks later I left with my children and mother to the cottage we rented in the Camargue.To go to the beach in Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer the bus was the only option. A luxury bus with Airco and music. You guessed it: The Lambada was always there to hear.

Schoonma died a few days later.To her liking but at the advice of her doctor in the hospital. My husband spent the rest of the holiday together with us in the cottage amidst the sunflower fields. And with Earworm Lambada.

Kaoma-Lambada (Official Video) 1989 HD

Now that I have been listening to it after all these years, my brain produces razor-sharp video of that bitter-sweet summer and I can almost smell the smells of the market with ripe peaches and melons and lavender soap.

Music has everything to do with emotions and emotions are made up of eruptions of neurotransmitters and hormones.Music can interpret a huge range of feelings and can also evoke very strong feelings. Music and dance are also an iron-strong, age-old combination in this area. Neurotransmitters have a great influence on our emotions and our behavior. In Addition to dopamine, vasopressin, adrenalin there is Also Phenylethylamine (FEA) FEA is the “love hormone”.

The night of FEA
It’s a night
That you normally only see in movies.
It is a night that is sang in the most beautiful song.
It’s a night that I thought I would never experience him,
But tonight I experience it with you.
And I just love you.

Actually, you can argue that Marco Borsato, Luciano Pavarotti, Anouk, Shakira and Guus Meeuwis act as a neurotransmitter in the brains of the enthusiastic audience.An important element in this is the participation in a collective experience in the musical field. Especially when the individual voices can swell together into a massive choir. Football fans and hooligans know everything about it: hooligans singing Savage garden-Truly Madly Deeply

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