What Dutch historical event that has not yet been filmed would you like to see being filmed?

My problem with the filming of historical events is that the outcome is known. To make it exciting you should have a mystery like Anastasia.Or you have to invent a fictional past a la Prins Valiant.

A choice that works for me is the fiction documentary.That is to say true events have been replayed. It remains fiction because you never know exactly how dialogs were and to keep things understandable, you have to summarize figures and events. Example a frost has more than 10 counselors than. Concentrate on 2 to make the views clear.

Events from Dutch history that could produce captivating films:

The murder of Floris V, the rapport between Maurits and Van Oldenbarnevelt, the disastrous year 1672, the Patriots time.Subjects Sat. Only a good mystery does not shoot me in now.

The trek to Chatham Or the Battle of the Medway (English: raid on the Medway Of the Dutch Raid) was a successful dutchassault on the English War fleet and shipyards in June 1667 during The second Anglo-Dutch War.The Dutch, under the command of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter with direct supervision of the deputy In Velde Cornelis de Witt, bombarded Sheerness, Sailed the River Thames to Gravesend, Medway up To Chatham, since 1560 the main English naval base, where they sunk three large and ten small SHIPS And the Hms Unity and HMS Royal Charles, the Pride and the flagship of the English fleet, men and dragged into the Netherlands.It was the biggest loss ever for the English navy


and led to a rapid end of the war.

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