What does your life look like when the Internet suddenly ceases to exist?

Well… Then life is slowly going back to ‘ the good old age ‘ for sure?

I was born in 1970.The colour television was still not long. At that time, stencils were made of the supporting teaching pages, later the photocopy became commonplace, long before almost everyone had their own printer. Telephoning just went with that black bakelite thing with turntable to the wall. A trip you booked only in a travel agency. And if you wanted to know what, you had to look it up in an encyclopedia, an atlas, a phonebook, a travel guide, a restaurant guide. And if you didn’t, you could also go to a library for that. Gaming you did on a cardboard rectangle with imprint and a few pawns and counterfeit money notes. You always did chess with a different man. Hours of calling your love in another province was not allowed by PA and MA, because that is an interzonal conversation and was getarifeerd per minute. Let alone if you had one abroad. And if you were called by someone, that was always a surprise, because number recognition and so, that did not exist. And in a company, all the data was kept on cardboard rectangets in a bin, the insert card. To withdraw or deposit money you walked to your bank, of course only if it was open and brought you your savings account. Virtual money also existed, but this was in the form of a eurocheque. And there were typists, many typists, because each letter had to be typed by hand. Luckily there was carbon paper to have several copies of the same letter, but it was not always readable. Chat rooms were not there either, those were pennepals (with the contemporary spelling that were pens friends…) and every answer to a question lasted so at least a few days. Kids then also came out a lot outside to play… You did this especially on playgrounds or on the street.

Life was not wrong, but just a little slower than now. There was more personal social contact.

But the internet has now been so strong in our lives that there would be a lot of problems, a pity and a lack if it suddenly dropped.But man is a flexible creature that adapts relatively easily, so are we sure to survive?

I would really miss it…

Then I have to cycle all the way to the headquarters of Quora to see the questions and write my answers underneath…

The Internet, “net” as all other forms of technology, is neutral.

Technology gives something, and takes something.In other words, when it “suddenly ceases to exist”, it returns something that was taken away, but takes back the accepted benefits.

My life looks like this as I see it.Connected universe or not.

Chaos.No one knows yet when there is a train, traffic jam or airplane. Webshops stop. Amazon and Alibaba are sitting with their fingers turning. Rush on banks to get cash and all those influencers without work!

Therefore, for example, Russia is trying to test whether they can completely shut down in case of such a crash.

It has been very nipped a few times and hopefully the authorities have taken the necessary steps to avoid worse, but I also hoped for the previous banking crisis

The end of the world as we know it.

Our society will cease to exist as we know it today and there will follow chaos and misery.

Everything is “connected” and to turn that back I don’t seem to succeed 1, 2, 3.

Think for example:

  • Energy
  • Medical World
  • Fairs
  • Shops
  • Authorities
  • Traffic (land, sea, air, space)
  • Security
  • Communication

And of course no more fun videos on YouTube…:)

Victims of the big Internet crash 2019

Well, I wouldn’t be here, no?

But in any case, I would not have Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and Steam.

Again, life is simple.

The most drastic thing that is going to happen to me when the Internet ceases to exist is that I would have less access to very useful information.If that happens, I need to go to the library to find a book that has the information I specifically search for.

Annoying, but not so bad.

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