What does your evening look like when you step out? Would you rather go to clubs, discotheques, pubs or restaurants?

[“A bit of a combination of discos, pub cards, and pool billiard. I step little, but when I step, I love conviviality and occupation.

“,” I rarely step and never long, I’m quickly over-fatigued by all the stimuli though I like it.Bioscoopje, coffee, a snack or simply with Chinese home to enjoy it even further. No alcohol, disco or long and busy parties, I can do little with it. Casino I really liked to go there. A comic strip club was little to me, which was too little for me;-) Occasionally a legal brodeel.

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I often go to caf茅s and restaurants.I find the ambiance at the local caf茅s and restaurants always cozy.

I have been doing steps for a long time.I find nothing. Mainly because everything is 6 times as expensive as I get it from the grocery store, but also because I just like to spend my spare time differently.

We go digital from;)-saves a lot of money and it is just as cozy.
What does that look like?We care in advance that we have everything in house.
In advance we choose a game that we are going to play.Often this is a new or at least something we have never spelled. Sometimes it’s just a different genre to make something new. We also tell our friends and when interested they also play with them.

There’s nothing as fun as having his all going on an adventure.Sometimes we also just invite people, then we play with all of them. We make a tournament of it with some strange game which you can play well against each other. We make a flyertje as for example below. This was from December, then we always do a game party. Very nice!

I’m going to have a few more weekends and eat out.

Then we go into the woods with the mountain bike. All that gaming you have to compensate a bit huh;)

‘, ‘ Cinemas, coffeeshops, terraces and restaurants or cafeterias since my wife in 2000 (then my girlfriend) came to live with me.A single time-if I’m alone a little more often-a (brown) caf茅.

“,” I hardly go partying in Belgium myself.Reason: I do not know what bothers me the music or the people. So I usually go partying in Berlin. I am of the principle (to my friends): Who wants to join me, but I go to my music, my club, my artist, I have in advance a schedule of how I leave in which club which artist wants to see & no I do not go to the toilet , GE can’t talk if 脙 漏 脙 漏 N of my favo artists is running, etc 鈧?娄 I’m going purely for the music and the artists, preferably of course to artists I haven’t seen before. The people there is also so much more enjoyable than here, which makes me feel better in my skin and more can enjoy my night.

What I’m telling may not sound okay, but when I go to a bad party in Belgium my friends can talk to me though:) But it seems to me logical that if I’m travelling for so long and/or so much money to get there, I don’t do that to have a chat that we can also do in Belgium (or after the party at hotel):D. Who knows me, knows that I am so and if someone goes along that knows me less well I make it clear in advance.Also, it has been several times when I got in and not a friend, but that’s bad luck I’ll call you if I’m up to see where you are! Luckily I have never been refused:D!

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