What does ‘ Wolde ‘ mean in place names such as Terwolde and Zeewolde? Is there a connection with ‘ The Wolds ‘ in Yorkshire and with the German ‘ Wald ‘?

True.David Waldon Woods Walt etc in place names are toponyms that point to a forest. A forest used to be not only forest, but more of a large unexplored plain or space.

In the case of Zeewolde, it is simply an invented name, because this place is still very young, and there was once at that place Sea.

As others have said here: Wold (e), Woud, Wald is all related.It originally means something like a wild unexplored wilderness with lots of trees. Jungle.

Forest and (DE) wood have been previously built by man.



Van -Wolde-Wikipedia

With Forest , in all Germanic language phases, unexplored territory or wilderness is indicated without human activity, so that this is presumably the original meaning. This in contrast to forests marked with loo, Holt or Widu .

In The Netherlands These unexplored forests were mainly on peat or clay, for example at the edges of the humid peat areas between the river run of the Rhine delta, but also on the wetter sandy soils.

The variants-Wold, 藛 芦,-woold en-woolde occur in the northeast of the Netherlands, the variants-woud en-woude in Friesland and the west of the Netherlands.

Zeewolde: I would say swallowed up by the sea

Old sources showed that in the year 790 there was a village called Seaewald.At that time, the Duke of Gelre gave privileges to the inhabitants of the village, west of Harderwijk.

[source? https://www.flevolanderfgoed.nl/… (At Wikipedia, the link below is asked for a source in the article, this is given)

Due to floods in the later Middle Ages, this village was swallowed by the Zuiderzee.A modern interpretation distinguishes in the village name the two words Sea and Wold(SEA/blue/water and green/woods/nature).The colors come together with the colour yellow (corn) back in the flag of Zeewolde.


Terwolde: But also Terwolde, which means 鈧?虄woud or 鈧?虄swamp Forest and indicates an early afforestation of the landscape.

A (culture) historical overview


Wold = Forest = forest.And yes, that connection is there. It is suspected that this, through an older Germanic form, is derived from a (hypothetical) Indo-European Tribe “Uel”.

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