What does personal growth represent? I want to buy a ring that stands for ‘ personal growth ‘ only I haven’t found one yet.

As Melina’s answer says, a ring that needs to introduce your personal growth is very… Personally.So do something that will make you happy.

I don’t wear so much jewelry, but I find jewelry made from material from nature quite nicely.Made of wood, or with dried flowers:

Let’s call him Bobby, Bobby gave me my first ring, ever. I also wore it very intensively continuously, it was a dahlia ring from Pandora. Was Super proud.

As time went by, he focused more and more on his work making the ‘ magical place ‘ what we had found between work and school, every night calling, went by.

It eventually went out because I couldn’t handle it anymore, and that was one of the best things I did.It was time for myself. After all the years of thinking that attention came from relationships, I chose myself.

And that’s what I did, also some hassles occasionally.. I succeeded.

I did in December when after it went out a ring bought at Pandora, but I finally found it to be something… Colourless.

Few months later, on Valentine’s Day, I bought a new one for myself that I already had in mind.

This ring, for me, is very personal and worth a lot.

I see the world in color, love warm tones and love the heart shape in drawings. This is top for me. And I’ve been wearing that ring for over a year. I know that for some people this is a ring for their romance.. But for me this is selflove. Love to myself.

So my fixed tip;

Choose a ring that will get you happy.Not because that one ring is expensive or has diamonds, but because you find the little thingies beautiful. That one engraving on the ring, that little blue pebble. It’s your ring. Your choice. No one else can choose this for you.

Personal growth, is up to you.We do not know whether you had trouble with self-confidence or in a bad relationship for years.

I simply recommend you to choose something you are really happy with.What belongs to you, do not look at the past but to the now. What belongs to you now ?

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