Perses. Persuasion, persuasiveness. Persimmon. Persimmon. Persimmon. Persimmon. Peachy – Peach. Prickly pear.

Who is the goddess of the universe?

Olympian goddesses

Who killed Medusa?

Olympic deities (Greek: Olympiades). The story of Medusa and Perseus is known as Greek mythology and is often considered one of the main stories in the Ancient Greek world. While Poseidon was initially jealous of Athena’s beauty, the goddess was responsible for her killing. Athena then took the head from Perseus and handed it to Poseidon.

Is there a Goddess of Dreams?

Asclepius (Asklepios) is the God of medicine, healing, and the ability to interpret dreams. The Romans took the Greeks, who venerated Asklepios, and merged it with Bacchus, the God of wine and of Dionysus.

Also, what color is Perse?

Perse is a very pale white, almost white color that is not as bright or as transparent as pure white and is very similar to ivory. This color is often confused with cream or a light-pink shade that is sometimes called “chocolate” because of its tinge of brown, but it is closer to the color of milk than chocolate.

Who is the Greek god of rebirth?

The name Anteros is also the name used in Greek mythology for the god of rebirth (anērhthrōs). In Greek mythology, the nymphs are a race of water nymphs, who inhabit springs, lagoons, seas and other water regions all over the Greek world.

Who is the goddess of the sky?

Aphrodite, also known as Aphrodite, is the Greek goddess of love. She is also the goddess of beauty, desire, fertility, sex, the sea and childbirth. Her symbol is the dove, a white dove with a red beak.

What are the names of the Greek gods?

In the ancient Greek religion, the gods the worshipers addressed as Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo and Artemis. The twelve Olympians were the gods of the twelve geographic zones (i.e. the twelve regions of Ancient Greece).

How do you use per se in a sentence?

Examples of the use of per se in a sentence. It is important to remember that per se refers to the main topic of the sentence. Per se means without any exceptions. Here is another example sentence with per se. Per se means without exception.

Who is the god of death?

Death is a Greek God, also known as Thanatos and Thanatos. He is one of twelve lesser gods mentioned in Hesiod’s Works and Days. Among the Olympians killed by Death is Apollo. He was the king of the gods, according to Hesiod’s Theogony.

Is there a God or Goddess of space?

There is no God or Goddess of space in Buddhism is not present. When we look at our environment, we see that everything is interconnected. We are all related to each other in deep ways.

Who is the goddess of the stars?

Venus. The goddess of love, Venus was born from the foam of the sea after Zeus had united his father Triton and his mother, the goddess Hera. She was born about 500 years before the Olympian age of Greek mythology began. In Roman mythology, Venus was the chief goddess of love, beauty, and sexual desire.

Thereof, what is perses?

Perses is the Greek form of the Latin surname “Persius”

What is a Titan god?

A titan is the ancient Roman god of fertility who represents the earth. It is from the Greek titan because it is from the first name of the Titans.

What does astraea mean?

The Greek word Astraea (Αστρέα) means “wandering star” in ancient Greek, derived from the Greek word αστρας (astrás) “astray/wandering” (cf. κεδνός: “star” in Latin). It is the Goddess of justice and mercy (or, alternatively, virtue).

What does Asteria mean in Greek?

” asteria (from ancient Greek ἀστέριος, asterios “silver”; ultimately from στέρνω, stratos “silver”, from στέρω, stratos “high + rock” ). in ancient Greek mythology, the constellation of Ophiuchus, the god of the cross-roads, who bears the planet Pluto. He was one of the twelve constellations used by Hipparcus to map the heavens in the 1st century AD.

Who is Prometheus?

The term Prometheus derives from the Greek words pròs (“future”), and phemis (“breath”), denoting the mythical figure of human ingenuity or cleverness. Prometheus is the best known of these figures. Prometheus was the bringer of fire from Mount Olympus to humanity to avoid punishment.

Who is the titan of war?


Who are the Greek goddesses?

There are only two Greek goddesses that appear in the Bible – Hera and Aphrodite. Both are goddesses of love and desire. Aphrodite is the Greek version of the goddess of love; therefore, she is also known as Venus in Roman mythology.

Also know, what is Asteria the goddess of?

Asteria (Astrology ) or Astraea was the goddess of justice in Greek mythology and represented the star constellation, Ursa Major.

Is Hecate related to Zeus?

Hecate’s relationship to her twin brother Zeus was extremely close, if not at all friendly. The most detailed and ancient account of their relationship, given in Hyginus’ work The Poetic Festival of the Months, suggests that they were brother and sister.

Who is the goddess of dreams?


The name of the Japanese goddess of dreams. Asu is the name of the goddess of dreams; Aso tells one’s fortune by the image that an unknown person projects in one’s mind. The most common interpretation of a dream of Asu is of one’s own desires.