What does it mean when a boy says he doesn’t want a relationship (after 2 months of dating and convincing you that he likes you)? Is it a excuse or can this be a real reason?

All the answers so far, say you are good enough to date but just not good enough for a relationship.

No answer is based on the possibility that you are good enough to be dating and that you would be good enough for a relationship but that HE is not good enough for a relationship.

Will I give an extreme example?It’s still true happening too. A man (who could be your father or grandfather) was long ago in a relationship with a woman of about his age. That lasted until he was arrested for murder of his mother.

The man had fled to France after the murder.He took a false name and returned to Belgium. He learns to know a woman there and starts a relationship. He remains under the radar of the police. He loves the pigeon sport. He has success and comes with photo in the Pigeon Sport magazine. Another pigeon fancier recognizes him and indicates him.

That man was not good enough for a relationship, but did not protect his beloved from the pain that was inevitably awaiting her.

So don’t automatically assume you’re too short.Perhaps there is a reason why the boy rightly thinks that there is something in his past or future or physical or psychological health or his family that causes him not to start a relationship better.

If so, you feel unjustly bad about yourself.

What it means?Well, he doesn’t want a relationship! Dating is a way to see if there is a relationship in it. Apparently he got the impression that the latter is not there.

Why would he invent a excuse?And would you like to have a relationship with someone who is smothered?

He can love you for two months, but not great enough to deal with you longer.The longer you are together, the harder it is to pull a plug if you realise that your date is not your type.

It’s a real reason, albeit a disguised one.Perhaps he is not pronounced enough to tell you what is bothering or longing for freedom. Whatever the reason, it will no longer work for you.

That means he doesn’t want a relationship.

He likes you, or he makes you feel that he likes you, otherwise you don’t want to go to bed with him.

Pretending to find you but Zozo doesn’t work so well I think for what he wants.

Just to put that boy’s side.

Find another guy who likes you or really great, and who loves to have a relationship with you.

Much nicer.

It may be that he likes to be dating, but no firm relationship with you will.He has therefore tested whether there could be more than a loose relationship and this is not the case. He thus indicates that there is nothing left in it, and that you can go looking for someone who wants a fixed relationship.

Comforting you, that’s better than when a friend of mine was after 4 months with the message “I knew from the start that it was going to be nothing”.

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