Hassan covers for Amir when they get in trouble. He defends Amir when the neighborhood bullies threaten them. The boy also serves Amir and Baba with the thoughtless goodwill of a saint. Hassan gets even more saintly.

Why can’t Hassan read?

Hassan could not read because he was a servant. Although he was intelligent and loved books and stories Amir read, as a servant he had more important things to do than learn to read. There was no reason to teach him to read, because he would always be a servant.

Why did Hassan still love Amir?

Hassan had selfless love for Amir, although he felt terribly sad by the turn of events, I don’t think he harbored any ill will towards his brother. Even in his death, Hassan offered Amir the road to redemption through the adoption of Sohrab. Love is the reason Hassan told Amir, “For you a thousand times over”.

Why is Amir jealous of Hassan?

Due to Baba close attention to hassan. as shown in novel-Baba had hired a plastic surgeon to correct Hassan’s harelip. Amir was jealous that he could not stand up for Hassan in the same way Hassan stood up for him. His Urge of not flying the Kite like Hasan.

Does Amir redeem himself in the end?

In “The Kite Runner”, the main character, Amir, attempts to redeem himself to rid himself of his guilt of incidents that occurred during his childhood. Although, in the end Amir finally achieves redemption, it is a journey to attain redemption throughout the novel.

What does Amir ask of Baba that makes Baba angry?

What does Baba say in response? Amir asked Baba if he would ever get new servants working for him. Baba was very hungry with him and told him that he would never replace the current once which are Ali and Hassan.

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Why is Amir afraid of Hassan’s true friend?

One reason why Amir is afraid to be Hassan’s true friend is because of the gap between Amir’s and Hassan’s race, since Amir is a higher class than Hassan in Afghan culture. Amir tests Hassan’s loyalty because, he is insecure in his relationship to his father, so he tests the loyalty of those who are closest to him.

Why do Amir and Hassan have a strained relationship?

Their relationship is further strained because Hassan is a servant. He and Amir are “friends” and play together but there are many evidences that Amir abuses this friendship and “plays” with Hassan’s devotion to him.

Does Amir meet Hassan again?

If Amir ever returns, he will find his faithful friend Hassan waiting for him. Rahim Khan says a month after arriving in Pakistan, he received a call from a neighbor in Kabul. The Taliban had gone to Baba’s house and found Hassan and his family there.

How can AMIR be good again?

Amir becomes good again by returning to Afghanistan and rescuing Sohrab, who, he discovers is his nephew. Since he had failed Hassan when they were both children, this is a form of redemption for him.

Also know, how does Amir treat Hassan?

Amir, however, is inconsistent in his treatment of Hassan; sometimes he treats Hassan as his friend, but frequently he abuses Hassan, lording over him his superior social class, education, and position as Baba’s son. Hassan is, after all, a Hazara and a servant in the house.

Why does Amir read to Hassan?

Amir often read to Hassan, who was illiterate. Their favorite story was “Rostam and Sohrab,” in which Rostam fatally wounds Sohrab in battle and then finds out Sohrab is his lost son. Rahim Khan takes the story instead. When Rahim Khan leaves later than night, he gives Amir a note.

What birthday gift does Hassan give Amir?

During Amir’s birthday, his father gave him two presents, a brand new Schwinn Stingray bicycle, and a wrist watch. According to Amir, he did not feel worthy of his father’s efforts to organize the party and get him presents.

How does Hassan die?

The Taliban had gone to Baba’s house and found Hassan and his family there. Hassan said he was taking care of the house for a friend, and they called him a liar like all Hazaras. They made him kneel in the street and shot him in the head.

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How does Amir deal with his guilt?

Amir hopes to alleviate his guilt by fighting with Hassan, but when Amir starts throwing pomegranates at him, Hassan just takes it and even smashes one on himself. Instead of relieving his guilt, Amir feels even worse. This becomes another source of guilt for Amir.

Why does Amir not help Hassan?

Amir’s First Betrayal

The first time that Amir betrays Hassan is when he chooses not to help Hassan because he wanted to show his father that he had captured the kite in the competition. Hassan has been cornered by Assef, who is sexually assaulting him; Amir has an opportunity to rescue Hassan, but he doesn’t.

Does Hassan forgive Amir?

Hassan Forgives Amir. Amir reads letters that Hassan wrote to him before he died and he realizes that Hassan had forgiven him for all he had done. This frees Amir from some of his guilt and helps him move on with his life.

How are Amir and Hassan different?

Amir and Hassan are very different in their social status. Amir comes from a rich Pashtun family. Due to his caste, he has the power to be a kite flyer in the kite flying competitions. Being able to read, Amir often reads novels to Hassan.

Similarly, what did Amir and Hassan do together?

Amir & Hassan in The Kite Runner. At the beginning of The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan are childhood friends. They enjoy each other’s company and spend their days playing together. Although Hassan is Amir’s servant and of a lower social status, he is the braver and physically stronger of the two boys.

Also, how does Amir feel about Hassan?

Amir feels jealous of Hassan. Hassan is athletic, even though he is very poor, Amir’s father looks to Hassan with pride in his eyes. Amir feels like a huge disappointment to his father, so he sees the kite race as his way of having his father look at him the way he looks at Hassan.

What is the conflict between Amir and Hassan?

Lesson Summary

When that doesn’t work, Amir becomes jealous of Hassan. He struggles with his love for Hassan versus his desire to be rid of him so he can have Baba to himself. When Amir betrays Hassan, he feels that he can’t tell anyone because he is sure than he would be rejected.