Gaggenau is a town in the district of Rastatt in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

What country is Gaggenau from in this context?

Gaggenau, Germany

Where else are Gaggenau appliances manufactured?

Most Gaggenau products are manufactured in France (at the Lipsheim plant) or in Germany.

Here, where is Gaggenau?


Is Gaggenau worth the money?

I loved my Gaggenau hob. It was very expensive, but totally worth it. I love to cook and it is the perfect tool in the kitchen. The value of this hob is worth it.

Where is Miele made?


How much does a Gaggenau oven cost?

Gaggenau 24-inch steam ovens are $3,500, while a regular 27-inch Gaggenau oven is $3,000. For comparison, a 27-inch stainless steel Thermador oven, also from BSH Home Appliances, costs $2,150. Gaggenau also offers a kitchen ventilation system that sits on a worktop.

What is a Gaggenau oven?

The Gaggenau oven, combi steamer or combi microwave is a claim for many A promise to the guest, an appeal to the private chef and a statement to the designer.

What is the oldest appliance brand?

Gaggenau kitchen appliances

Does Thermador own Bosch?

Thermador. Thermador is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. In 1998 Thermador became part of the Bosch company and their dishwashers were renamed Bosch dishwashers.

Where are Siemens ovens made?


Who makes Gaggenau Household appliances?

Gaggenau is the premium brand of the BSH Group. They are also the parent company of Thermador and Bosch. Gaggenau was founded in Germany in 1681. They were at the cutting edge of technology and produce some of the best home appliances in the world.

Are Miele ovens any good?

Miele’s Single ovens definitely seem worth the money if you have it. The most expensive options may indeed be very expensive, but they back that up more than they can with what they can do. You’re paying for quality, and Miele ovens offer a variety of options to make preparing perfect food as easy as possible.

What is a Gaggenau appliance?

Gaggenau is the world’s leading brand of restaurant-quality cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, the lean portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction hobs, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.