What does ‘ freedom ‘ mean for you? When or where do you really feel free?

I feel free to control everything within my own sphere of influence.
That sounds a lot heavier, possibly by the word ‘ control ‘ than it is.
At one point I realized that there is a part where I have influence in my life and part not.Funny enough I was mainly trying to get an influence on the part where you can have no influence at all.

Small example.The bus runs off your nose. Too early. I had left on time, knew exactly how late he went and I came there a few minutes earlier and he rides away (at that time the 5 minutes before or after ‘ routine ‘ still had to rise). For this I could really implode and this then influenced my whole day. Nice helpful, eh? This took me unnecessarily much energy, which I have not already seen my hypersensitivity to stimuli in any form whatsoever.

Eventually I realized, that’s not a life, that way you are everywhere the victim of Maarreh stood there looked at it?Yes indeed, I can do some of it myself. 1 accept that the bus just drive away or 2 if I find that unacceptable, I have to go there before. Since that moment I am actually going to carry on everywhere. Not only in behavior, but also thoughts with each time the idea ‘ I have a choice. ‘ The latter really gave me the feeling of freedom. For my feeling, I really NEED nothing at all. ‘ You have to go to work? ‘ No, I am going to work because I find it unacceptable to have no income. I don’t have to go there, I can just sit at home, but then I get into a situation where I don’t want to be, so I choose to work. For me it should not work. I think for no one, but only for myself I can say 100% that should not work. Then there is the social part where everyone creates obligations that you are standing by. ‘ Because it hears that ‘ ‘ you don’t do that anyway? ‘ ‘ What will others think ‘. All things that tell me nothing. I have seen the people who know how to hear it never. I don’t do that anyway, it just happened. What people think? Do you know? They may well know that, but I am not going to think about it. If you look at it flat it is very stupid anyway. Think of what others think, while you can never figure out what they really think. I say: do not!

Your way is THE way for you and every other way is the way for them.Sometimes we cross, sociable and sometimes we go the other way, everyone is travelling. Let’s enjoy it!

Freedom… As I am in my health, freedom is not a concept that I have a great deal with.

I can barely walk, sit in a wheelchair, do not feel my hands and feet anymore, do not qualify for an adapted vehicle and therefore depend on wheelchair taxi transport.A 35 kilometer drive soon costs 100 euro, before the outward journey. Back the same.

Within my city I am ready for 28 euros a year, but there are areas where that taxi does not drive.

I have a mobility scooter, but I can’t take my rollator with it and the company that delivered the mobility scooter is difficult to do with the necessary adjustment.

Furthermore, I am forced by my kidney failure (cancer in 1 kidney, reduction in functionality of the remaining kidney after removal of the infected kidney), three times a week half a day in the hospital and sometimes even more often because of investigations and Operations.I do not qualify for a transplant, I would not survive such an operation and I have been almost dead in the removal of the kidney.

But I’m still there!

Freedom would be for me, that there is a development, so I no longer need the kidney dialysis.That is what we are doing, but whether I am eligible is questionable. Until I get there, freedom is for me the fact that despite all the misery, I still live and can do something that makes me useful.

When I am travelling to countries where I have not been before.Where everything is very different from what I know.

Freedom is life for me and I feel free every day, I can do what I want and go where I want except if it costs money then IST limited to the pennies I have to spend.

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