What does faith mean to you?

By the way you ask the question it is already clear that we will not agree.

For me there is no such thing as ‘ faith ‘.This is something like ‘ my faith ‘.

And ‘ My faith ‘ is not tied to any particular religion.It is an inspiration that encourages me to discover the beautiful in this world and to have an ‘ open mind ‘.

Also-and above all-compared to people who believe ‘ something else ‘.Because only by being open to each other, you may ever understand something of the immeasurable mystery.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people who think that only what they understand can be the truth.

Pity though.

“,” When it comes to faith, I am a kind of magstar.All of which I think ‘ there I become a better man of ‘ (There goes my soul of rays) I take along and I go to perform. Regardless of faith. That is secondary to me. I am open to everything and if I can do it (or I think ‘ that is a wisdom that I may use in the future) I take it. There is no greater wealth than knowledge and there is nothing nicer than sharing this with others.

“,” I am from a Catholic house and invariably went to the Saturday night and Sunday morning when I was young.It was so鈩?N Hamlet with 2 streets at the time, but always a full church. The Go-Google Search

All of a sudden people around me gave staccato answers in a language I didn’t understand, I always had to be quiet and really couldn’t look anywhere.

It seemed like all the people around me understood what was said or sung.The pastor often spoke in Latin, it was totally incomprehensible. And they gave answer. They said what, something that was taught to them. There was no one in between which I was able to catch on knowledge of Latin later. It was a Tridentine Mass, thus Gregorian, Tridentine mass-Wikipedia, in a westbrabants peasant hamlet.

And everyone was there on weekdays.That was human and it came back on Sunday.

What I remember vividly was the long wait, my polished shoes, those mats that you have to kneel on, the many face-down faces and the smelly wet coats of people around me.I always wondered when I understood what was said, I felt terribly stupid that I did not understand. So I always tried to decipher what was written exactly in that booklet.

I don’t know if it is still so. I went against it very much.I personally do not see the value of faith for me. The 10 commandments are not right for me, I never experienced that it brought me anything good and saw too many pious people around me exhibit different behaviors, that’s what it comes down to. In the end, they were not full holders, after my grandfather died, we only went to Easter and Christmas.

Now the churches are empty in the city where I live.In other places there are apartments.

Someone else with strong faith, I think that especially loves the community support around it.I can envy this. There was also a time when I wanted to repent to the Protestant faith. It seemed especially cozy to me.

But I do not want to be there personally, because it became clear to me that faith creates contradictions between people who do not accept them from each other.And I can’t accept that.

Faith does not exist.They are thoughts, which are there by your parents, the church and eg. School are ingestated as the only truth. The gene is in your mind, that is what you believe. Unless you can make yourself out of it and possibly look for yourself. (Incidentally, you can’t blame your parents, it’s their there too!)

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