DEA has stated that the first letter of the registration number is “almost always followed by the first letter of the registrant’s last name” (for example, “F” for Dr. For example, DEA may have issued registration number A91234567 to Dr. William Feelgood.

Is a DEA number required to write prescriptions?

Federal law requires that healthcare providers maintain a DEA number in order to write prescriptions for these types of drugs. Under federal law, a DEA number is not technically required to write prescriptions for non-controlled medications such as antibiotics.

Who assigns DEA numbers?

A DEA Number is a unique identifier that consists of 2 letters, 6 numbers, and one check digit. It is assigned to a health care provider, such as a doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist, or veterinarian, and it permits them to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

Also asked, how do I look up a DEA number?

A valid DEA number consists of 2 letters, 6 digits, and 1 check digit. The first letter is a code identifying the type of registrant. The second letter is the first letter of the registrant’s last name.

How do I check my DEA expiration date?

Answer: Check the Status of My Application, you may also call 1-800-882-9539 for the status of your application, or you may call the Local Diversion Field Office nearest you.

What is a DEA number for nurse practitioners?

A DEA number is a number assigned to specific healthcare providers that allows them to prescribe medications, including controlled substances legally. It includes a series of numbers and letter which identifies the type of provider; for example, nurse practitioner, physician, dentist, etc.

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Likewise, people ask, what does the first letter in a DEA number mean?

Every DEA number is made up of two letters, six numbers, and one check digit. The first letter is a code to identify the type of prescriber (i.e., a hospital, a practitioner, a manufacturer, etc.). The second letter is the first letter of the prescriber’s last name. This DEA number is valid.

How do I find out if a DEA number is active?

DEA Registrants may call the DEA at 1-800-882-9539 to check on the status of their application or call their nearest DEA Field Office.

Do pharmacies have DEA numbers?

However, federal law requires pharmacists to obtain a DEA registration number before prescribing controlled substances. Pharmacists may even be required to register with the DEA so that they can prescribe controlled substances and be allowed to mandate tests and labs, which we already see in some states.

What do DEA numbers start with?

Prior to October 1, 1985, DEA registration numbers for physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and other practitioners started with the letter A. New registration numbers issued to practitioners after that date begin with the letter B, F, or G. The rest of the format was the same as the new style.

How do I get a DEA license?

Applying for Your DEA Registration

To apply online, go to When applying online, make note of the registration ID number. After waiting three business days, you can call 800.882. 9539 to edit your online application or to find out if your application has been approved, issued, or renewed.

Can the DEA call you?

Impersonating a federal agent is a violation of federal law. Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person purporting to be a DEA special agent or other law enforcement official seeking money should refuse the demand and report the threat using the online form or by calling 877-792-2873.

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What is a CDS registration number?

What is a CDS Registration number? A Controlled Drug Substance Registration number is a series of numbers assigned to a healthcare provider (such as a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, or dentist) by a state, which allows the provider to write prescriptions for controlled substances in that state.

What is classified as a controlled substance?

A controlled substance is generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, or use is regulated by a government, such as illicitly used drugs or prescription medications that are designated by law. The controlled substances do not include many prescription items such as antibiotics.

How long is DEA license good for?

three years

Is DEA number same as NPI?

National Provider Identifier (NPI) to Drug Enforcement Agency Number (DEA) Crosswalk. An NPI can and often does have more than one DEA associated with it. The DEA number format is 9 alpha-numeric characters with the first two characters alpha and the last seven numeric.

What is a CSR license?

A physician or an osteopathic physician who is practicing with an Indiana temporary medical license is not eligible for a CSR until he/she receives a permanent license. A practitioner must hold one CSR in order to prescribe controlled substances in the State of Indiana.

How many digits is DEA number?

6 digits

Subsequently, question is, why would a doctor have 2 DEA numbers?

If you are going to be prescribing or dispensing controlled substances at sites in different states or cities, you would need to have 2 separate DEA numbers. They will give you the number for the state DEA office you should contact to learn about specific state requirements.

What is the DEA stand for?

Drug Enforcement Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA(noun) federal agency responsible for enforcing laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substances; goal is to immobilize drug trafficking organizations.

Are DEA numbers State specific?

Is it necessary to have a different DEA number for each state? Yes, if you prescribe controlled substances in 2 states. Practitioners will need to obtain a separate DEA registration in each state where they plan to administer, dispense, or prescribe controlled substances.