What does a narcissist do at the end of a relationship?

At the end of a relationship with a narcissist, different things can happen.

  • They will throw you away without thought and blame the separation of you as culprits for the problem, when we all know that they are the ones who really have the problem.
  • If you put down the narcissist, be prepared for things to get nasty extremely quickly.

The number-one no-no thing you should do to a narcissist is to hurt your ego. You did just that by unloading them. Depending on what kind of narcissist you are dealing with, it makes all the difference. An undercover narcissist will try to get support from others, destroy you and get involved with you, but will usually calm down after he has either tired or especially when he switches to someone. He always has unkind words to say about you, and dealing with him will be pointless, but at some point you can continue and start the healing process.

Well, the vicious narcissist is a very different story.I’m just so happy to have first-hand experience with this guy. I divorced after 14 years and 3 children.

He immediately decided to make it his only mission in life, to destroy me.These narcissists cannot bear to lose control of someone they used to possess. If they lose it, they pull out all the stops to show the person how much they need to earn. First, they initiate a comprehensive smear campaign against you. You will suddenly hear that the most embarrassing and secret details you have ever told him will be broadcast to the public. They will also come across wildly invented lies whose sound is credible enough to be true. These will make you so angry. They will often engage with someone new and ask them to help them put their terror down on you.

Now it’s two against one, and it’s an almost impossible battle.You will call friends and relatives and try to attack them against you, try and you may be fired from your job. They will drive you so crazy that you can turn to alcohol and drugs just to get rid of the pain and chaos they cause in your life any romantic relationship you may have will quickly disintegrate because it will only disintegrate in your life it is about enduring the torture of the narco, and no partner wants to deal with it, and finally the big weapons – the children. If he REALLY wants to push the final bet through your heart, he will turn it against you and brainwash it into believing that you are such a bad person that you were the one who caused all these riots in every life.

Something else you should be aware of, some narcissists will deter you, but they still want to control you by watching you from a distance.You will follow you on social media, call your workplace to inquire about you, seek information from friends and relatives about you, and in some cases you will be asked to contact you from time to time. NEVER take any of this as “good” attention. It’s creepy and wrong. It’s just another way for them to keep that control over you even when you’re no longer together.

So the moral of the story, as all the advice for survivors of narcissistic abuse says, the best thing you can do after breaking up with one of these confused, delusional, psychopathic madmen is to run and cut so fast and so far away. Switch off contact forever – no matter what it takes.I tell you this when I said I had experience with a vicious narcissist, that’s my true story. He made me lose and do all these things. After fighting for two years and returning to court, he was despised and had to go to prison, and I got my children back. Please note my warning. I would never wish anyone read this story now.

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