What do you think, whether you love them or hate them, the coolest kind of snake?

I would not be able to say right now which is really the coolest because there are so many kinds of crazy and a snake for many different reasons can be cool and/or impressive.Take e.g. The Inland Taipan which is incredibly cool and impressive by toxicity. The Cobra by its attitude and toxicity. The green anacondas, Netpythons and Burmese Pythons by their size and strength. The different kinds of tree pythons by their beautiful colors. The hook-nose hoses by their acting talents to pretend in the first instance as hugely dangerous hoses including wider neck like a cobra, considerable hissing and unsealing (with jaw-tight) and then in extreme distress very dramatically a dead Snake is going to play and so on. For a while we have been king pythons and they find great. All three have different character and habits but they are all three very tame. They become a reasonably sturdy size (averaging 1.50 meters, little men smaller the ladies somewhat larger), get a size of about a wrist and are there in the most beautiful colors and patterns. There are real works of art. Very important to us that they are also sweet for children and in no way a threat to people or pets (unless your pet is a hamstertje or something in that style). Unfortunately, note that there is often a very negative reaction to snakes in general and certainly as a pet, while people do not know how important they are to humans. Just think about how the world would be certainly in poorer countries as snakes did not caught the rats and mice and thus mitigate all the illnesses that are transmitted by these animals. Think about how many medications (e.g. For heart complaints) we had to miss if there were no poison hoses. As a pet, many species can be retained if you carefully read and consciously choose which type is right for you, now and if the hose is great and ensures that you are able to deliver good housing and care. But does that not apply to every pet? I am thinking of the Mass s goldfish in far too small aquariums, bunnies outside in a too small loft where once every so many days a load of endive is thrown in or hamstertjes where hardly looked back. And there is no man who reacts strangely when you have one of these animals as a pet. And yes, they eat mice and rats but our snakes eat them only frozen mice and rats, just like we people eat frozen cows and chickens. In doing so, a snake does not kill an animal or man from revenge, Venom or pleasure (think of our beloved house cats), but purely out of defense or hunger and out of hunger never more than they need to get the belly full and survive (think of the many kilo s flesh that per day Being thrown away by supermarkets because we as humans have made too many animals dead for consumption). In short, almost every snake is very cool in its own way and every kind of snake deserves much more respect and appreciation than they get from the majority of people so far. We are in any case very happy with our snakes.

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