What do you think that some short answers only refer to Google and do you think that Quora often has an added value compared to Google?

I find that very annoying.Don’t answer. Downvote the question and continue with some interesting questions. The problem is that when such a question is answered, it is also seen more.

Can a question just be googled without any problem, as in other answers are given as examples?Downvote and not answer.

On the English Quora it is a hobby of participants in the Quora Partner Program (QPP) to ask a lot of questions of the caliber “which contains lyrics……” And “What is the capital of….” And people answer those kinds of questions, too.Sigh. Yes, then you keep it in position. Do not.

Quora has an absolute added value because there is not a simple answer to a question, but there is experience.Plus not every question can be answered by Google huh. A question like “How do I fix a flat tire” can be fine via Google, but if you want to know how you can learn to look at yourself with more love (and you don’t want to be a therapist lol), then Quora is really much more convenient anyway.

It seems that some people are using Quora, because Google is too much work for them. If I get questions such as where the Netherlands is located, and what the capital of France is, I become a bit irritated.Also it seems that some schoolchildren use Quora to let others make their homework.

The answer that refers without more to Google misses the point, goes to the heart of the case over.Quora is more than a question and answer platform, although its name is an abbreviation of it (question OR Answer).

It is much more about the contact with fellow Quorans, the personal dimension of the answer.The attempt at a good formulation of an answer. Focus on a part of the question, as experienced by those who answer. In my experience.

So occasionally Google is really better than Quora.I recently answered a question with ‘ Google that just ‘. Someone else answered the question by literally copying and pasting the first reply from Google.

Those were all the answers to the question, that questioner simply distorted our time and effort.

Referring to Google is a form of laziness.In addition, Google and other search engines select your algorithm and other non-objective criteria. Furthermore, most of the information on the Internet is utter nonsense. In my field (history) I see that clearly. How that is with other disciplines I can judge less well of course.

The great thing about a forum like Quora, or something like Wikipedia, is that they are more objective because users are correcting themselves.

The underlying question is actually to compare Quora with Google.

Nice actually that a name like Google has changed in a verb.I will just “Googling” this question. A new word in Dutch. 🙂

I myself am a “Googler” for short/small questions I have.Such as meaning or a brief description of a concept or word.

Quora is fine for hearing different personal opinions or deepening a concept.People often have an altruistic attitude to help in many questions that need specific knowledge or experience.

And that’s just unique.

Often short, crisp answers are enjoyable because a thought can be conveyed with it quickly.Eloquence does not always follow from the extent of text. Just referring to Google can be perceived as a signal: this was a very simple question, we are not an encyclopedia here. I sometimes get irritated when I receive such a question as: “What is the highest mountain in Europe and what do you think of it?” But most of the questions that are dealt with on Quora show an added value of Quora compared to Google. These are the questions that can give rise to answers with very different, well-founded viewpoints. I do enjoy that.

I think it has a function.I made it too. Then the message: which is a question to Googelen, not for Quora.

The old guideline that a Quora answer may contain not only from a reference (link) to elsewhere or an illustration is my opinion obsolete.

It is simply bad to overwrite information that is much better and more extensively described elsewhere, in such a case I keep it on a very short summary of what is in the referral.

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