What do you think that Anno 2019 countries still claim reparations from Germany for damage caused in WWII? Rightly or wrongly?

Reparation payments are based on collective debt of “the German people”.That is a type of reasoning that many Germans have adhered to between 1933 and 1945, which was rightly resented to them later. Those Germans had it then over ‘ the Jews ‘. That has not ended well. ‘ A people ‘ (including all descendants of them) give a fault somewhere, and can never expire well. Someone is guilty of or not, but ‘ a people is guilty ‘, which is a dangerous and utterly immoral reasoning. A beautiful bunch, if someone with the crimes of his parents, or the neighbors of his parents (!!), is being given up. It is bad enough if you have been raised by people who have committed crimes. You don’t have to get caught extra for that.

In my opinion, public debt and original sin are two wholly immoral principles.Someone who takes that into the mouth to punish groups or to withdraw money from it should start to make necessary reparations.


More than half of the Germans of now lived not even at the time of the 2nd World War.

Let those people relax once and for all.Wars are not the fault of the people, and certainly not the fault of their children and grandchildren.

Of course, it is obvious that a country that is on the economic abyss will suddenly demand reparation payments from Germany that is economically strong with a beating state axis.However, there are treaties in which the reparations are settled. Of the textual 鈧?艙omissies 鈧?in these treaties some politicians try to spin yarn. Germany relies on the intentions of these treaties while other countries are looking at the letter.So these issues will have to be settled by a court.

Of course this theme is discussed in Germany controversial, so there are many proponents of additional recovery payments.The portee is hereby that Germany has a special responsibility and also observes in and for Europe. It goes without saying that for that responsibility every time there is a correct form. Every nation must look for its very own responsibility in the European whole and context. This can create beautiful things.

In addition to the fact that reparations after 75 years are a tad late, recovery payments often also have negative effects on the recipient countries.Easy money, including reparation payments, development aid and income from quarrying, ensures that the economy does not innovate and that its own currency is too expensive, which stops export of the manufacturing industry.

Well, those countries can demand what they want.Recovery payments by Germany after WWII have long since been furnished. Treaties have been concluded. Countries that now ‘ suddenly ‘ find some of them are roughly 50 years late.

These types of claims have, in my opinion, only domestic usefulness.Populist talks.

Legally, they are of zero and no value.

Even more so, I think that other motives than WWII are at the basis of this.Germany is the EU’s largest financier. Some countries believe that they simply need to get more money to keep their own budget deficit limited and, in the absence of any clean arguments, they will come up with WWII.

Germany has made significant payments after the war.I’m not going to mention these, see HRT ALLEMASL Public information.

Recovery Payment-Wikipedia

Both Poland and Greece have still claimed compensation for the Clastste jare.I do not think this is correct.

  1. Poland and Greece have, through the EU, already received asnnal donarues.

Much of that money was German.

  • Germany was not btrekked at the Civil War, military coups, and corruption in Greece after WW2.
  • These have a lot of me6rt impact on the current economy than WW2.

  • Poland is built with IP Germany buirgemaakre Fnrien, and German forced labourers.
  • The Soviet union then sadoped the poles with communism, which did not prevent the construction. Send the bill to Moscow

  • Poland in in 1939 attacked Protocol de SU and duts land.
  • The SU is co-responsible to the damage and killing of the WW2. They have never been troubled, and blame the then pole regime. Send decrement to Moscow. I concentrate on the Eastern Europe countries especially Poland.

    For the Eastern European countries, that was all settled by the Soviet Union at the time.The other countries did not have much to do with this. The current Polish Government does not recognise these arrangements and wants to come back to them.

    Germany is one of the EU’s major net contributors. Poland is a net recipient.This is not legally a recovery payment for WWII but Germany does contribute to economic aid to Poland.

    Nonsense.Syngman Rhee of South Korea presented the U.S. after the armistice in Korea with an account for the damage caused in South Korea. The US and the other allies have saved their land for a conquest by North Korea. Of chutzpah spoken.

    In addition to Cor Mehlkop’s legal information: a country with substantiated claims that would have waited up to 2019 for more than 70 years would be ruled by irresponsible, elected by idiots.

    The past should really be over one day.Otherwise, Germany could ask France to be compensated because the Palatinate was devastated by the troops of Louis XIV. And France asks England to be compensated for the many plunderings and fires during the Hundred Years War. Ezv.

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