What do you think someone is resilient?

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Answer from Laura Hurt on Is meaning a better objective than happiness?

You can learn resiliency.But you have to follow those 6 steps that I explained in this reply:

  1. You are happy with yourself;
  2. You take good care of yourself;
  3. You live consciously and responsibly;
  4. You are satisfied with your job and/or other life (hobbies, volunteer work etc);
  5. You have relationship (s) and/or friendships that you fulfill;
  6. You can accept setbacks.

If the first 5 is good, you can also learn number 6.

Be aware of what is important. Be aware of your own choices AND options.Force yourself to think in what can, and not in what can not. Yes, you can really teach yourself. That is a mental power that you can exercise about yourself, because you love yourself and want to take care of yourself. Every time you think “that can’t be at all” you have to force yourself to turn it around: how can it be. Because if you think “that can’t be at all”, you’ll stay seated. While if you think “how can it be” then you force yourself to come to solutions.

Be aware of your own strength.

For me, someone is resilient, when he/she manages to lay down the front and setbacks at the right source.And what certainly contributes to that resilience is, as that person is connected to a good environment.

Why does life place us in trouble?What is the right way to deal with it and how can we connect to the high powertogether with those difficulties?

There are two factors: I with my ego and society with her ego.It is a matter of achieving the high strength of this life, and I receive everything, including all problems. I do my utmost to realise that everything comes from him. He is the only one who cares for me and wants me to come to a higher level. With him I am on the path to a new life. There is no other than he who does well. We live here to discover this. ….. …. New Life 894-Overcoming difficulties

For me personally, Doctor Michael Laitman is an important teacher, who keeps me attentive again and again, on the source, the purpose in life.I have been studying with him for many years, and learn about myself and my relationship with other people daily.

Kabbalah & The purpose of life

A combination of experience and young energy.

Learn to deal with setbacks early in the right way.

Someone after a setback, and what really necessary Grieve (do not skip!),

Soon is able to invent alternative options .All options have pros and cons, and then know how to recognise them, and weigh them and therefore choose.

Someone who does that decisively (but not blindly!) could call you a resilient one.

‘, ‘ Think that should be in you.Don’t think so much that someone can learn that. To a point that someone can go better with negative currents I find true that is a skills you can teach you but often that is according to me and remains a conscious choice. While people who have resilience once are also born so and it goes unconscious with them. Of course this can be discussed more broadly, if you say that you care for yourself that you are better in your skin helps to create resilience. Sports healthy Eating your hobbies practicing with people who are good for you these trifles can help make you resilient. But if someone is naturally like that, I find a setting. I find the more practical people are more resilient than the people who think deeply. But after conversations with such people, I know that this is not necessarily the reason that they cannot be touched from within. It’s then idd the choices they make how to deal with negative things. They don’t let them deeply influence them and lay for their healthy border while people who have less resilience can be eternally rushed by certain emotions. So according to my theory, it depends on being able to lay boundaries.

“,” Mercy!

Mainly DNA, which develop a brain that provides resilience to its properties.

Certain experiences.But ultimately the brain.

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