What do you think of Uber’s share? The IPO was not an overwhelming success but do you think it is worth the investment in time?

Frankly, I find little of it, and what I think of it is negative.I would never buy shares Uber because the company has so far only turned loss. Since they only medize and produce nothing themselves, I don’t think I’ll buy Uber in the future.

Many people make the same mistake as 20 years ago with the dotcom bubble.Also then many loss-making companies went to the stock exchange and the shares rose sharply. Until the bubble burst in 2000.

Because I work at an asset manager I always have to look out with what I say.My answer can be seen as investment advice, which it is not.

What you have to ask at Uber is what problem they solve.
Is this a transport problem, or is this a different problem?And if it is another problem, what problem is this then-and can they apply it in other markets as well?

When I look at Uber, I see an organization that has managed to identify an inefficient market (transport) and bring supply and demand together through the use of technology.The Inefficient market is the market that is often served by Taxi s.
What we see is that this market is, to some extent, protected by legislation and regulations, but that some improvements have proved possible.
Uber takes a small margin by bringing supply and demand together.
To achieve this, a strong investment in technology is needed, and investors are hoping that Uber will be able to invest in other markets.
This increases both turnover and profitability on the investment, which translates into a higher valuation of the Organization at the Fair (the price).

What you have to ask yourself with the bad IPO is what factors apply to the decline in the stock price.
A first valuation (the IPO price) depends on many factors and ultimately determines 鈧?艙the market 鈧?through supply and demand which is a good price for the share.What I write above is part of Zo N tradeoff.
But also the overall sentiment on the stock exchange is applicable, where Uber’s share can also be seen in proportion to other 鈧?艙tech 鈧?shares.When we look at it, we see that there is also a downtrend on a number of other tech shares, which means that investors in shares find the risk of these shares too high (and others find it acceptable, otherwise there is no trade).

The question is whether Uber is able to convert their investment in technology to other markets while retaining the advantage of first-mover.If this is the case, the stock price will grow. If they do not succeed, or are overtaken by other companies, the price of Uber will not be proportionate to the future value of the organization.
This is exactly the issue that the market is struggling with, and no one has a glass sphere that really works.

That depends on what they do with it and the following reports.Coffee grounds There is a need for a platform that allows people to earn some money by transporting people, the step towards self-driving is not entirely logical for Uber itself. It ensures that the independent employees from now on can turn against the company and I provide a little rebellion with that.

Uber does not exist for 10 years.You can keep me to that.


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