What do you think of this new trend to create a ‘ I’m looking for a job ‘ video instead of a classic application with CV and cover letter?

Not a handy trend.

Applying is supposed to revolve around what you can mean for a business and what a business can mean to you.

No more and no less.

Your education and experience give you competencies that you can use for an employer.These matters are measurable to a certain extent.

What does a movie add?

You show yourself.

But your appearance, gender, descent and all that kind of aspects do not play a role at all for most functions.

By making a video you make sure that that-consciously or unconsciously-does play a role.

Another aspect is that watching all these movies takes a lot of time.More time than going through a RESUME. With mostly dozens of comments on a vacancy, I prefer to look at Resumes than movies.

A few years ago I completed a profession at Hogeschool Rotterdam.This course is called pedagogical action.

In this profession one has to make a video about his educational vision, because such a video could often be asked by schools to complement a cover letter or even instead of.Then they look at your video instead of reading the letter.

Personally, I find it no more than a gimmick.Watching a video takes more time than reading cover letters. If you want to get acquainted with the candidate, then let him or her come. If necessary, let that person keep a presentation.

So I think about it myself.But of course I have no objection to making such a video, should my potential employer ask for it.

I hope your question will be answered with this.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

It makes sense in this zeitgeist.There are several sources, when you send a resume you have an average of 6 seconds[1 to impress.You are one of many and people are going to look for alternatives

This can of course work well and one of the more easier options Anno 2019 is a video.

Your phone camera is often reasonably OK and with some lighting tricks you can get a lot of it.

Editing software for simple edits are free to get. And YouTube is full of tutorials.

I have to confess in 2012 I also made application videos and it has brought me to an invitation several times.If only because they thought it was nice that someone had taken the trouble.

Unfortunately I was told by definition that I had to start a company myself… Maybe this year (again).


[1 recruiters spend just 6 seconds looking at each CV they receive

That’s a fun way to select future actors and directors.A pastry chef in-be can apply better with a cake.


I am Wesley and work at Jibser, Jibser specializes in online data driven recruitment and selection of sales professionals.

There is already a mobile app with a feature that allows you to make an introduction of 15 seconds by means of a short movie.
Not only make a movie but also check your payslips, view schedules, schedule schedules, view vacancies and apply directly.

I think this way of getting acquainted with many in the future will work fine.Because before you look at a RESUME or meet for the first time, many factors have already been fulfilled.

Say it yourself, in such a 15-second movie, you can see the emotion and passion of splashing much more than in a motivation letter.Do not forget that this short small video has to propose a “motivation letter” and the employer also has your CV next to your movie.

After that, you really do a good job interview with each other because your RESUME is within, your motivation is known and they know how you look.Then you can go much better in the content of the mission, vision and strategy of the company and how you want and can develop it.
This can cause the application process to be accelerated.

This tool shows how well your RESUME matches the vacancy you want to apply for and gives you advice on how to increase the score!
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Do you have any more questions?
Then ask them via Quora and I will do research as well as possible to give you a substantiated answer!

Gr Wesley

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