What do you think of the word language fascist?

Ah, the so-called Grammar Nazis.Once I was also one of them. Especially in French. With the years and my extensive online experience, I’ve become somewhat milder. Nowadays, with the use of smartphones (and the k * * Auto correct which always makes mistakes), we don’t need to know the grammar rules at all. And people who can make a perfect dictation have become very rare.

I now focus more on the content when writing than perfect spelling.But the word language-fascist (or grammar-Nazi) is in fact self-sabotage: How can you be taken online seriously if you already violate Godwin’s law without any real argument or message?

It’s funny that you ask me to answer this.Was that coincidence or was it meant to be sarcastic? As you can notice, I still make many language mistakes. I have every confidence that you will help me, by reporting edits or by sending more replies request to me. Practice makes perfect, right?

Godwin’s Law-Wikipedia

Within our department we produce multiple technical papers, designs and recommendations per month.Those are all critically read by your teammates before issuing.

Especially because we have to write them in English.The content should of course be correct, but what we also do in such a review is check for style.

We Dutch people tend to write quickly in the ‘ passive voice ‘, such as “a book has been given to him” instead of “he received a book”

Such a writing style makes a text very heavy, so we keep each other sharp to cut the dead twigs out of the text and to allow some air to be fluttering through the shrub.

And then you see that the quality and readability of text in the whole team is being picked up, and that is fun as a contribution within your organization.

In short, you don’t have to step through the sections with nail boots.Helping each other in a collegiate way is good for your writing style, and fun to do.

I am a great supporter of cared for and pure language use.Am I a language purist? Possible. But please don’t call me a language fascist. Linguistic facism is not my cup of tea, a language fascist is a purist with xenophobic tendencies, someone who considers the Adagio ‘ own language first ‘ high priority. Not because he is for a well-groomed language, but simply because he wants to banish everything that is different from ‘ his ‘ language.
Such people use words such as a collision Balloon (airbag), panted Pork (Snitzel), ‘ Oh yes ‘ moment (AHA-Erlebnis) or a small sized computer (laptop).

Language Facism is, therefore, an orphan, but occasionally some linguistic purism?In my opinion, there is nothing crazy about that.

One of my most large pet annoyances is the misuse of ‘ continue ‘.

Imagine you get an invitation to a party.Often you get something in the nature of it. The party continues in room the great pleasure on 15 January and starts at quarter after eight.
People always look at me what flabbergasted to if I then ask them if it was such a difficult walk through the park, organize that party?
Grammatically correct use of the verb continue in that context can only be if you had serious difficulties and that you almost thought of caning the party, but despite all the setbacks the party at the end of the day just Continue.In All other cases, you use the verb to take place. I.e. no way that a party continues! It takes place!

But the wrong use of the verb continue, is only one example, I can go on for hours.But now, let us not make a mountain of a molehill, so it is not so bad.

Ah, the grammar-Gestapo.I am co-founder of.

Just as seriously:
If someone has mastered the language only moderately, but does his best, I stand in the row of people complaining about it, and with typographical errors, I do not have much trouble either.

But if someone is purely out of laziness a jar of Dutch (or English, which I have also mastered), I would like to fly in the curtains.Believe it or not, but spelling, grammar, punctuation and even such a thing simple as the proper use of uppercase can kick the meaning of what you write.

I do not have a good example at hand, but look at the English phrase “Yesterday I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse”.

Thank you for your question Cornelis Zandbergen (User-12474665905834568866).

I think of course equal to the American grammar Nazis.I did not know that it is translated as language-fascist in Dutch.In my opinion, a grammar Nazi or a language-fascist has little to do with fascism or National Socialism, here I come back.

So someone is usually a language purist and uses the official spelling to write themselves.It also likes to improve the mistakes of others or point others to their mistakes. The ironic is that such a grammar Nazi is often not a linguist. I have noticed that they often come from the exact sciences or ICT world.It can also prevent them from having a certain condition serious, such as a compulsion disorder. [1

At the first category grammar Nazi, I would go with such a person in discussion.I would tell him or her that I am talking about the essence of the story and that that person should not give his opinion unquestioned. A linguist tries to make the language descriptive and not prescriptive. He or she may be strict against himself, but do not have to do so in others. Of course I like to receive feedbacks, but not that it will drain the flush holes.

In the second category of grammar Nazi, I don’t really know what to do.Just ignore it I would say.

Now I want to talk about fascism.In the word fascism, I am thinking of authoritarian and often totalitarian dictatorships where a dictator reigns. In Such countries there is often a lot of corruption and not of order and structure. It is true that in a fascist and National Socialist Society only one particular ideology or national narrative[2 is possible. In that case, it seems to be on the world view of a language fascist or grammar Nazi.

Finally, I have come to the end of my little speech.So as a conclusion I can say that when you hear the word language fascist, I have to think of someone who is constantly improving the other linguistically, either by a misplaced urge to order or by a compulsive disorder.


[1 Obsessive-Compulsive disorder-Wikipedia

[2 National myth-Wikipedia

To people who are too lazy and too spoiled to want to do a little effort for their own language.

The Dutch language is not the most beautiful, largest or most immersive language in the world and nationalistic balls are annoying and misplaced.But Dutch deserves quite a place under the sun. Others, whether they are Americans, French, Russians or Chinese, really do not find it any different. But if you want to give some care to your language as a Dutchman, you will soon be taken as a language fascist.

Or rather still “language fascist”.A lot of translation English is provided here on Quora. Questions are full of English disease and enlargements and surgerent staircases are “most loving” with more and most formed. The word order is usually also English rather than Dutch. And no I think that’s not a good thing. Quora is a language polluter and that has to stop.

You cannot require non-native speakers to take an exam in a language that you neglect and neglects.This also applies to people like Rutte who say in English.

An ugly word, conceived by people who do not want to be corrected on what I see as language degradation.It is also totally no funny word, unlike silence coupe fascist.

This word is an exponent of the leased-up of this society: throwing dirt at people who are able to express themselves in a grammatical way and which in that respect is above you.

Out of envy people attacking somewhere better than me, I never do.I, like everyone, are a man with many mistakes, but the ability to admire I am happily never lost.

Inappropriate when it comes to understanding people who correct language errors (as a translation of grammar nazis): We already have the word purist for that. Nazis and fascists did things of an entirely different order than people pointing out language mistakes.

When it comes to language fascists who want to change the language to put minorities away as people outside the community, for whom article 1 of the Constitution does not apply, read Viktor Klemperer’S LTI: language is not stupid

I then think of someone who wants to improve for it.

I am someone who finds language important, spelling and grammar less than definition, context and distinguishing A and B.

That is what I am all too keen to say “maybe you mean this or that” we are getting healthy discussion of that.But the constant repetition of mistyped words and the whining about the sister may not stand for that, because that should not be, we are getting a little tired of it.

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