What do you think of the vision in this video and that in the attached response, that National Socialism was not right, but a socialist variant?

A strong example of revisionism.

Whether you speak with Trotsky, English or Xi: Socialism revolves around the strongest shoulders that the weasts wear, dividing the resources available, bringing prosperity and elevation to everyone and where the smallest voice can be heard.

Nazism is just the opposite: Constitutional classification based on wealth, breakdown of order while the crowd promises the heavens where only contract labor for large corporations and wealthy country Lords is reality.

Most lies have a core of truth

There is a truth in it, but it is also all that is said.The thesis that National Socialism was left is one of the most persistent lies that is gladly disseminated by the PVV. Yes, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) had in its programme points with which the communists also profiled themselves, such as the privatisation of companies and a profit-sharing with large companies.Programmes were also set up in the same way as in socialist countries, but there is also a comparison between them.

The video is called Anton Drexler, who co-founded the Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, the forerunner of the NSDAP.Drexler, author of the anti-Semitic, anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist pamphlet Mein politisches Erwachen, was already a member of the ultra-Right Vaterlandspartei during the First World War.

The development of the NSDAP and Hitler is not to be seen separately from the political situation in Italy.In his early years, Hitler was an admirer of the fascist Benito Mussolini who received support from the United States for his anti-communist stance. But Germany also received funds from the US and until the attack on Pearl Harbour, American companies continued to make profitable business with Hitler’s regime through their subsidiaries in Germany. Cases that UN 1945 were continued with the greatest ease.

Yes, the NSDAP showed socialist treks.Hitler also achieved his successes. You win no people for you with the election promise to plunge a country into war and to exterminate a nation. But also in the programs of very right-wing Dutch parties you can find points that in the program of links would not miss.


Hitler and Mussolini

The determination remains taboo, but Hitler and Mussolini were indeed successful

The collaboration of the American business world with Nazi Germany

25-Punkte Programm

No Martin Bosma, the National Socialism was not left

It should be widely known that the NSDAP is a socialist movement. National Socialist German worker party.

National Socialist in contrast to the international.At the same time, it is also really a right wing party, but in its struggle against the Communists. Nationalism is also determined by the dagger punch of the left. According to this theory, Germany had lost the war because of the left-wing rebellions in the hinterland. There is a war to say, because in Russia the revolution already raged in full intensity.

The SA was also really a left socialist movement.(Sturmabteilung-Wikipedia)

In the left socialist imaging of the NSDAP was the Jew the capitalist, which the people bestal.This anti-Semitism is superfluous within the national Socialusme, but the people’s own is really a core of the national aspect. The Dutch SP has occasionally also made hard remarks to ‘ foreigners ‘ and the PVV, a genuine legal national party, has taken on a variety of left-wing positions within a few years, making it a real people’s Party as well.

In contrast to the PVV, your Forum for democracy could be called a fascist party.

Hitler has taken over the leader principle of the fascists.

This but as a few loose comments.

Hitler as a social innovator and a hunter of engineering gets more credit than he is due

Hitler was a socialist progressive-Multi-Freedom

Fascism and National Socialism are put squarely in the right-hand camp by almost everyone, while socialism is associated with the left-wing camp.
The socialism of the Nazis was indeed a socially based ideology that combined the nationalism.
The fact that the Socialists in Germany from the twenties of the last century were one of the great enemies of National Socialism already shows that it was certainly not a variant of socialism.

National Socialism was not right because of the welfare state programme they performed and what was indeed advocated by Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, but it was (extreme) right because they were the principles of enlightenment Rejected in principle.Not all anti-free market currents are left, traditionally were also, or right, conservatives opponents of a laissez-faire economy.

National Socialism was based on the fundamental inequality of people on the basis of their birth.In particular, non-Aryans did not have any right, and certainly not on the welfare state arrangements, which were there only for thoroughbred heterosexual Arians without intellectual or physical disabilities.

Furthermore, National Socialism was fiercely opposed to all sorts of developments that were as left or progressive.These were put away as Kulturbolschewismus.(Compare it with the current term culture Marxism with which the current populist right disqualifies progressive cases).The Nazi s turned against feminism, immigration of non-Arians, modern art, internationalism and homosexuality, what they saw as part of a (Jewish) world conspiracy to destroy Western culture.

Not because of the health insurance Fund, the paid holiday, the retirement provision and the housing was National Socialism right, but because of the cultural reactionary and racist program.

Hitler has always been a racist and an ultra nationalist.In the beginning he had to draw voices, and he was still a left-wing tint In economic terms. When the opportunity to conquer Power came into view, he had to be more acceptable to the German industrialists and financiers. Very quickly it was adjusted to the right for what the economy was concerned. This was shown in 1934 by liquidate Ernst Rhm, mighty boss of the SA (SturmAbteilungen), who was in favour of a more left-hand course. His usefulness was over.

Moreover, Communists/Marxists do not need Hitler to support their nobility letters.To this end, Stalin, Mao and Pol-Pot are sufficient. Good for about a hundred million deaths. Of the people, by the people, and for the people they would sustain.

Absurd.Nazism was rightly called extreme-right because tendencies that you already saw with the Conservatives such as love of order and authority, masculinism and a dislike of everything deviating from the norm, are occurring here in a more sublime form. A difference with just the right is the contempt for democracy and for cultural freedom of expression in Nazi law. These are just about the only similarities with communism, as is the predilection for Mars music.

Clear and irreconcvable differences with communism and socialism are the racial doctrine of the Nazis, say racism, and the glorification of violence and the right of the strongest (they called that very deceptive social-Darwinism).Where Communists set up arms houses and hospitals, in the National Socialist optics a weak or poor person should just rot away. Radical Communists were also able to serve themselves from violence to achieve a goal, but in National Socialists violence is also a goal in itself.

National Socialism is only in its pursuit of uniformity and to a great influence of the state, in the exterior of the State establishment, thus, socialist.For the rest, on the inside, it differs greatly from socialism and this ideology is rather horrible.

Moreover, communism in its elaboration was almost always fascist or nazistic because it became authoritarian governed states with strong nationalism, including the imprisonment of xenophobia.However, in construction communism is a generous, albeit materialistic, progress belief.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said of Nazism and fascism.

Hitler’s National Socialism was neither right nor left but straight down.Like many of the symbols, this name is probably taken over like the swastika and the Hitler greeting. There seems to be a movement called social-nationalism.

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