What do you think of the police?

The number of times I have talked to an agent is counting on one hand.

The police are for me that car which takes me on the highway occasionally.That agent who is already talking to his colleague in the shopping street. That office in the center with the police logo on it.

I find the police just fine.I barely see them, never speak them, and hear little about them.

I’m glad they’re there.A risky profession for which they are paid only scant. Like Buiter, I never do them; When I broke up with me, I found them to be all-in and adequate. No, things have never been seen again. But that can’t help the police.

I have never had any problems with the police.And in my childhood I first run pissig screaming at an agent that went on the side, what that didn’t do, I drove too fast on bike path with my scooter (early 2000). And he wanted to let me stop. Brakes didn’t work nicely so I pushed it some meters on the handlebars. To then ask if that was retarded to put himself in front of the scooter.

Only thing that then asked is in which neighborhood I lived to let me drive afterwards.

On the other hand, I had been arguing with a group of people.Had addressed a boy with the question of whether he had an older sister with whom I had been sitting on swimming lessons. He became Pissig because he didn’t know me and how I dared to talk to him, after my sisters and I had been physically with that other group and wanted to go home because the atmosphere was ruined, their group met with 20 friends and the police refused to Grab.

Another time, 2 groups fought on a square and the police were waiting on the sidelines and when I asked why they did not make interventions I was told that the groups had to beat themselves and that they all were going to grow.

Much later in my life and in another city I have been a couple of times with burgers in blue, a day for people who were interested in it.

Most idiotic offence I had was because I crossed a street to get to school, lights were red.But street was completely extinct. What I didn’t saw was that later in the mist halfway down the hill was an agent who saw me doing that. Kept me standing and confeded to crossing it with red light.

Have been held once because in the winter I cycled home from the Thai boksschool, in my thaiboksbroekje and a somewhat thinner coat.Agent wondered if I was under influence and where I came from. Seriously Sherlock? Sweet that you’re worried about my health. But Thaiboksbroekje + training bag + boxing bandage + Bezweette head where the steam still rose from the cold air.

Another time I was cycling through a certain part of center and an agent pulled me off the bike with the message that I was not allowed to cycle there.I said dead like that, I may be. Traffic sign 20 m back (he had passed him with his bike to catch up with me). “Scooters may not” I continued. Thus he started to doubt and said I was allowed to go this time. “And tomorrow too, just go look at the sign” and then cycled away.

But the most odd time was times a break the system meeting at Malieveld.I and a size then went after the Subway opposite the second room. Me and me size in conversation about whatever, comes a guy assisting, early 20-er and tried to get us to start trouble at the second room. On which I told him that if he really wanted to make a real impact, he had to fill unmasked envelopes with flour or anthrax-looking powder and send them to all police stations. Even if it is harmless, they should go out of the worst out of safety and Blablablabla.
But got no muhumuza feeling from that guy.My size had fallen back with that guy to the station. It turned out that it was an agent in the burger that tried to clean us up.

Wonder how often there are agents in civilian meetings messing up by those who just come to kick mess up until the cops can intervene and the event falls apart.

Tl; DR

My experience with the police is that they are just as unaware and lazy as all other people in other professions.Their work to maintain the most peaceful possible society is important. And although economic and business is to be explained. I do not think the police need to deal with exations, etc.

There are good and bad as in all professions.

Some are particularly stupid and power-geil and want to assert their authority, even if it does not apply.

However, the majority is OK and they do too but what they have to do of course.

At the death of someone in my very short proximity, I have also seen that it is “even people” and I can only say that they were very understanding and attentive (it was about NL and BE police).

‘, ‘ In general I have a fairly neutral opinion about the police, but there are some very good In between!So I was late at night after going home to racing because I had no bike with it and I was cold, and by running I would be at home faster than running. Two policemen had spotted me, and arrived quickly with the question for whom I was running away. When I explained it and said that I just wanted to be home quickly, they even offered me to bring home. I found it very sharp that they came to me! There was nothing going on now, but it still gives me a safe feeling. If I did run out for someone, they had been there for me.

“,” With all respect: Mafia-like!(Note: This is an opinion)

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