What do you think of the Kempisch dialect, as for example Tom Boonen speaks? Some find it funny, others find it Boers and uncivilized.

I myself come from the Kempen, from Nijlen a village between Lier and Herentals.I live in Mol in the meantime. (Tom Boonen is a neighbouring municipality of Mol from Balen.)

Judging your own language is of course difficult.Kempisch dialect has the advantage that it is relatively good to understand the rest of Flanders.

That is an advantage, but also a disadvantage.We have to adapt very lightly to make us understandable. We need too little effort, so the typical Antwerp sounds often still come through. But most of us do a little effort.

Believe me free Tom Boonen during an interview is not the same language as Tom Boonen at home.Just like ‘ Den Tom ‘ Van Echenpoel (from Dessel, a neighbouring municipality of Mol) probably does not see flat Dessels.

Personally, I only really realised how flat it can be Kempisch, after I was away from my hometown for several years and I went to study in Leuven.Only when you are away for a while you are starting to really stand out. This is how I remember an interview with Sylvie Melody (coming from Kessel a borough of Nijlen) on the Vlaamse TV. She totally did not bother to hide her dialect. It was simultaneously confrontational as funny.

I really like the Flemish.Dutch is so tight, so hard. Belgian is beautifully sandy and soft.

Boers and uncivilized… I read an answer in which it is even called arrogant.Oh well, people should always judge what other people are doing, whether that’s something that concerns them personally or not. I think we should stop there.

I personally find it uncivilized to have ever opinions about other people.As long as they do things that no one hurts, they have to go their own way.

Kempisch is very amusing for most of the brabanders, because it is brabants that is seriously shifting towards Limburgs, which makes it all a bit more more.

This makes it more expressive than sturdy Antwerp and more accessible than German-like Limburgish.

The surprisingly nice clash between two very different dialects.

This is already a fact that Schilde has passed.

Urbanus speaks that fantastic.For Brabanders, that’s just fun, because it adds an extra dimension to his humour, at the same time known and strange. He’s like us, we hear that, but he’s not from here, we hear that.

Funny and Boers are value judgments that mainly say something about the person who is it.

Where funny if you want to be close to a basic emotion “it’s different from my dialect that surprises” or “amai, he clicks like my grandfather”.

And where Boers and uncivilized more are told about the person who has that judgement “what is different from me, is inferior”.

I myself am a genetic Dutchman with roots in Brabant, around Eindhoven, spoke in my childhood perfect AN (General Dutch).All the Flemings sounded funny and a tad stupid.

The Times that those adorable flemings-especially the Tanvi with short-cut hair and waving lion flags-have trotted me because of my dialectless Dutch I can’t count exactly anymore.

And the discussions.Man!

Really happened, my girlfriend-meanwhile almost 30 years my wife-from West Flanders and a study friend of Antwerp, hours and hours debating the word VIS.She said Ves and he said dirty, but only one of them could of course really pronounce “as it should”. You understand that my wife obviously was right… You are not married for nothing, right?

In short: Language is rich, dialect is pepper and salt, depth, history.And a lot of people behave like acorns and idiots when it comes to “other than Ikke”.

Laugh with dialects, it’s just fun to make you surprise.But put your value judgement where it belongs:-)

Both a neutral statement (arrogant!) and as regionally as possible pronunciation (retarded!) often evokes negative emotions. Almost all the south-Dutch dialects, including those from Belgium, sound personally pleasing to me in the eyes, perhaps It is because the most precious people, including family of fathers, are one of the most popular Dutch dialects (the Leids).For several reasons, the Leids are called the northernmost Flemish. Furthermore I am for an eighth Brabants (Tilburg), because one of my great-grandfathers came from there.

As the Leids are often ridiculed by other Dutchmen, it is ridiculous that the Flemish by the northern Dutch are not yet out of the world, although the sharp edges are now off. I never got mad at that and laugh with the pranksters, I exaggerate it extra, it’s a given and at the same time I think: it may be there.

Which, for example, you like the Flemish tongue, is of course a very personal thing.The question was what I think of the Kempisch dialect. I listened to how Boonen speaks and I experience that as enjoyable. Maybe also some Boers yes but that’s just one of the many flavors we have. He can confidently call me to the beer table with his juicy language!

There is no shame or shame to make you hear that you are from a certain region.I do think that, depending on the circumstances, you can better omit your dialect, for example in official circumstances. I am difficult to imagine a speech at a business or political meeting or on a reading of the Sasdad in the dialect (unless this reading is just about dialect of course).
It would also be a bit weird if the weather forecasts or the journal are in the flat, or flat Gensch, or Oelstsch, etc… be given.Maybe something for the regional channels?

From the Kempen itself, I certainly do not like the Boers or the undamaged.

That is a remnant of the time when 80% of the population still worked in agriculture/livestock farming.If you traveled with the horse tram from Turnhout to A’pen (!) and they heard you in A’pen Kempisch blows they found that Boers.

If you try to withdraw your Pietje again every 5 minutes-because GE had already baked the farmer right before the start-she quickly thought of “uncivilized”.

People who now still find (gratuit) that accent Boers and uncivilized have it high in the Hunnen sphere, but have not heard themselves yet a sealed A’ps blows.

Those people are also just jealous and frustrated because they saw you right your Pietje

Grts, Stign

Doa is nothing boertig oan, Welle Klappe hie allemoal Zoewe.Den Tom is nen real!

I find it arrogant that a so-called top athlete is not able to speak a more or less general Dutch on television.Dialect speaks of contempt for the vast majority of his audience, as if HE could afford it, but others do not or they would be laughed or criticized.

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