What do you think of microtransactions in video games? Have you ever paid money for in-game products?

It’s just a pretty bad profit tactic.You play in on the psychologically weak people who do not see how many of those small trades add up in a large edition.

I have sometimes paid money for in-game products.But that is seldom, always deliberate and only if it is worth me double and cross.

I also oppose it in principle, I see that a game has it I’m going to get it out of the way.Enough other better options!

Not bothered at all.I pay what I want. If I don’t want to spend money on it, I don’t. There are many people who let themselves be influenced, but can you really blame the companies? The grocery store does just that.

However, I think it’s a difference whether it’s aesthetic additions or that it’s about content that actually just belong to the basics of the game and in a blackmail way (only when you dock you can play).
In The latter case there is a good button to fix that alt-F4.I can stop my heart in a game but with the same tempo I jerk her out again:)

Spending money on microtransactions?

Yes.In principle, I find it very unfortunate. It’s an easy way to rake in extra money for content you should actually have.

I don’t mind counting 15 euros for a good mobile game, if it’s free afterwards. Sometimes the novelty items in games that are largely free though, I find it an appreciation for the creators and I still pay something.

But there are games, which I still know to tie for MT. I think I have spent over the years something like 250-300 euros.

I am now reasonably wondering. I have an Android device and Google surveys deliver play credit on it. So I make surveys for ingame items, just so to speak.

From the side of the game designer it is a fantastic business model.. Cost efficient and highly scalable.With the right content and supporters of users, you can get out of this earning model for years.

From the player’s side, I find it extremely kaneless and also reasonably sad that people cannot handle the value of the transaction.You pay for something you will not bring extra joy into real life. Maybe you feel rewarded in your digital game world, but as soon as you close the app, your life has not become any better in any way.

Buy a “magical little” for 鈧?.99 in a game which does not have any addition to your skills I find a bad purchase.But every one’s joy.

I have never paid for in-game purchases because of above reason.

However, I like to pay for apps that make my life easier or more measurable (premium accounts for Spotify, Runkeeper, Lightroom Pro etc).

There is a limit of course.For a single purchase app, about 鈧?0 (if it’s really good) is the upper limit, or for premium versions of a particular service, about 鈧?5 p. m is an acceptable amount.

Often these premium apps are multichannel, so I can use them on the phone, tablet and laptop and sometimes even TV.

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